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Tire and Wheel Test - Combo Package

ITP's Blackwater Evolution Tires and Black Ops Wheels
Written By: 
John Arens and Wayne Davis

Tires are probably the most complicated parts on your ATV of Side x Side. No other part is expected to support a heavy load, deform in any direction and then return to its original shape, counteract torsion from acceleration and braking, and contain a gas at a given pressure, all at temperatures that can vary by as much as 150 degrees.

Test Ride - Team Player

Kawasaki's Trail Taming, Overachieving Brute Force 300
Written By: 
John Arens

It’s easy to overlook smaller displacement machines in favor of much larger, more powerful models. The old saying, “Good things come in small packages,” certainly applies to ATVs as well, and one of the best examples is Kawasaki’s Brute Force 300. It not only looks great, but after our last ride on the 300, we knew it was something special. We needed to get one on our turf for some extended weekend trail time.

First Ride - Polar Opposites

Two New, Vastly Different Machines from Polaris
Written By: 
John Arens and Pete Bengel

Polaris likes to get a jump on the competition each year with an early release of a new model. Usually that means a high performance machine meant to set the pace for the rest of the season. This year though, they opted to bring out not just one new model but two, and they couldn’t be more different. Get ready for the all-new Sportsman ACE and the Scrambler XP 1000.

New Model Preview - Value Package

Can-Am's Value Packed, Versatile 2015 ATVs
Written By: 

There is a bit of a renaissance going on with ATV development lately and rather than all R&D being concentrated at the top of the food chain, this work is squarely in the middle. We call it a “back to basics” movement and a few progressive manufacturers have been concentrating their development on mid-sized machines that are versatile, capable, and offer great features in a very value conscious package.

Ride Area Review - Rush Off-Road

An Adrenaline Rush in the Bluegrass State
Written By: 
Moxie Karasek

Almost every rider loves to explore new trails and get up close and personal with Mother Nature. Sometimes though, it’s just about the rush. The thrill of making it to the top of a huge hill, flying over a jump, or conquering a watery mud pit where others have failed always delivers a shot of adrenaline to the spine. We’ve all been there, and once tasted, you’ll never get over the addiction. As we said, sometimes it’s about the rush. Recently we found a new riding area capable of delivering those thrills but also much more. Its name, appropriately: RUSH OFF-ROAD.

Trail and Travel Special - 2014 Ride Guide

Try a New Trail!
Written By: 

We’re often asked about great places to ride. There are thousands of miles of trails, forest, dunes, and desert to explore. With summer here, it's time to gather up your family and gear, load up the trailer, and set out for a little off-road vacation. We've picked out a few of our favorite places, and by no means is our list complete, but regardless of where you live, there is a riding area near you. Go make a memory!

Trail and Travel Special - ATV and UTV Festivals for 2014

We'll Find a Jamboree for You!
Written By: 

A sure sign of summer is the kickoff of annual festivals celebrating everything from fowl, at the Wayne, Nebraska chicken show “Cluck Dynasty,” to cow chips at the “Tournament of Chips” parade and cow chip throwing festival in Wisconsin. Difficult as it may be, I’m pretty sure we’ll miss those two bastions of high-jinx and hilarity, but there are plenty of ride festivals to help us soldier on. Ride festivals are a chance to spend time with friends, to make new friends, and to experience great trails across the country. Here’s our list of some of the best. See you there!

Long Term Report - The Polaris RZR XP4 900 EPS

Lessons Learned with a Favorite Four Seater
Written By: 
Wayne Davis

There is nothing like the joy of bringing home a new ATV or Side x Side and those first riding adventures together. The trails are always smoother, the riding is always better, and the sky is even a deeper blue on those first outings with your new, made in heaven (or Minnesota, Ohio, Nebraska or Georgia) relationship. Make no mistake, it is a relationship too, and like all relationships, it’s the ability to make it through the tough times that really is the measure of lasting value.

Inside Job - Honda R&D Americas Tour

A Place So Secret Most Employees Have Never Seen It
Written By: 
John Arens

The sun had not yet burned through the morning fog as the giant manufacturing plant slowly and silently appeared. Between the bean and corn fields of central Ohio, in a place one would expect to find farm auctions and county fairs is one of the world’s premier makers of everything from cars to aircraft. Honda’s R&D Americas had invited a lucky few for an unprecedented look inside their most secret facility and we were on the short list. There was no way we were going to miss it!

First Ride - Arctic Cat's New Wildcat Trail

More Performance, Less Cost
Written By: 
John Arens

Getting right to the point -this is a really fun machine! As much as we love the open desert, we have been anxious to try Arctic Cat’s long promised, 50 inch wide trail machine because, like everyone else living east of the Mississippi, tight woods and narrow, twisty trails are the domain in which we live and ride. Finally Arctic Cat was answering the call for a value conscious, dedicated trail machine designed for our neighborhood and we couldn’t wait to try it out.


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