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Tire Review - New Boss In Town

Testing the QUADBOSS Beauty and the Beast Tire and Wheel Combo
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 There’s no way around it. You are going to replace your stock tires someday, but don’t wait until they are completely worn down to the carcass. Changing to a tire that fits your riding style and the terrain where you normally ride is one of the best ways to improve your machine. Recently we changed out the tires on our trusty RZR we use for the trails, and our do-it-all, hard working Ranger. Why hadn’t we done this earlier?

HISUN Motors Introduces New 2-UP ATVs

  McKinney, TX - March 10, 2016...HISUN Motors recently introduced three new aggressively designed 2-UP ATVs. The Forge 450, Forge 550, and Forge 750 are in addition to the 2-UP Tactic 800cc and Tactic 1000cc 2-UP ATVs featuring V-twin engines. These new 450cc, 550cc, and 750cc ATVs allow HISUN dealers to offer a full range of 2-UP ATVs in addition to HISUN's traditional line of ATVs.  

Supersize 18-inch Wheel Leads STI's Newest Line: The HD7 Series

STI Tire & Wheel has a huge announcement for the new year, literally. With a king-size 18-inch wheel towering atop the lineup, STI’s mega HD7 wheels present bold new style plus acclaimed HD Alloy performance to enthusiasts who want to move up, way up. The HD7 line also includes 17-inch and 14-inch sizes, all available for a wide range of today’s UTVs and ATVs.