Performance and Maintenance


Gear up for summer!  Your ATV or Side x Side is itching to hit the trails, and with spring in full swing, it’s the perfect time to dust off your machine and get it ready ... Read more


It’s been a lifelong belief that there is no such thing as too much power.  I’ve loved owning V8 powered vehicles, snowmobiles with well over 150hp, and the biggest motorcycle or ATV’s allowed in the ... Read more

Tool Time – 2015 Polaris RZR XP-4 1000 Custom Build

I grew up riding dirt bikes, 3 wheelers, quads and 4X4’s in the desert. As I got older, starting a marriage, a family, and two companies took all of my time and then some, but ... Read more

Tech Tips – Stress Relief

My wife’s aunt and uncle, who own a farm in North Dakota, exemplify the typical ATV or SXS owner. Their stable of machines is used to round up cows, herd sheep, inspect miles of fence ... Read more

Winter Tech Tips – All Season Machine

Just because the weather turns cold doesn’t mean we have to stop riding. It’s a blast to slide through the snow and there is always work to be done hauling wood or pushing snow out ... Read more

Tech Tips – Braking News

Brakes are quite possibly the most overlooked system on an ATV or SXS. We take them for granted because they usually work when we squeeze the lever or step on the pedal. But over time, ... Read more

Tech Tips – Jetting 101

Fuel injected ATVs are becoming the norm on showroom floors these days. We have to admit that it’s awful nice to not have to babysit a choke knob for the first few minutes of your ... Read more

Tech Tip – Power & Light

If you own an Arctic Cat 400 or Suzuki Eiger 400, chances are that you’ve experienced or at least heard of the flywheel failure that plagues these otherwise great ATVs. One minute you’re riding along ... Read more

Product Test – DEI Radiator Relief

HEAT. Sometimes it’s your friend, sometimes it’s your enemy. The line between the two is very fine and often by the time you realize it’s been crossed, your engine has already taken a significant hit. ... Read more

Tech Tips – Phase Separation and Small Engines

Change is the one constant in life. It’s also difficult, because when there is a change – whether in technology or how we do things – there are often unforeseen consequences. One change that affects ... Read more

Tech Tips – Busted!

Most riders are also do-it-yourselfers. We would rather take on a job ourselves, whether it’s rebuilding an engine or building a backyard shed, than turn it over to somebody else. One task that can be ... Read more
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