Protection and Safety


Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “I have wished to see chemistry applied to domestic objects, to malting, brewing, making cider, to fermentation and distillation generally, to the making of bread, butter, soaps, &c.” To Jefferson, chemistry ... Read more

Trail Safety – Bee Stings and Band Aids

 Your tires and bodywork aren’t the only thing that can get a little scuffed up or punctured on the trail, so can your hide. Riders often put a huge amount of thought and effort into ... Read more

Payback Products Beadlock

As much as I love my iPhone, I do have to question the idea of making a phone out of such breakable materials. Somehow the people at Apple must have much grippier skin than the ... Read more

Safety Gear – Protect Your Neck

Leatt Labs Leatt Labs was born out of the need for a design and testing facility that could do the critical work to create a truly life saving device.  While there are many talented designers, ... Read more