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Manufacturers love to talk about peak horsepower, but that’s not the complete story. Without excellent suspension, nimble handling, and comfortable ergonomics, extra horsepower will have you bouncing down the trail like a rubber ball in ... Read more

Ride Tested – Scorching Hot

Riding across the desert, often times you’ll come upon little tornadoes called dust devils. When strapped inside the Can-Am Maverick X3 you ARE the tornado. RAISING THE BAR At Can-Am’s dealer show we got a ... Read more

First Ride – The High Road

The saying is, “Old habits die hard.” Can-Am engineers learned that feeling well when three years ago development work began on a new model that was to be unlike anything they’d built before. Still, there ... Read more

First Ride – Can-Am’s Outlander L 450

Can-Am is known as the luxury manufacturer in the powersports world, whether it is with their watercraft, snowmobiles, or off-road vehicles. While it’s true they do offer some high-end models with all the bells and ... Read more

First Ride and Review – Can-Am Maverick X ds 1000R Turbo

Turbochargers work by funneling the hot exhaust gas through a small vein turbine, creating a rapidly spinning shaft attached to a similar vein turbine that forces cool air into the airbox and air intake tract. ... Read more

2015 Can-Am Maverick 1000R Turbo Video Preview!

ATV Illustrated’s John Arens takes out the 2015 Can-Am Maverick 1000R Turbo on a test run at the Glamis Sand Dunes.  Sand Riding Quick Overview High Jump Long Jump Tearing Up the Dunes POV Ride ... Read more

New Model Preview – Value Package

There is a bit of a renaissance going on with ATV development lately and rather than all R&D being concentrated at the top of the food chain, this work is squarely in the middle. We ... Read more

Ride Tested – Easy Rider

Can-Am’s Outlander Max 650 so impressed us during our first test rides, we named it ATV of the YEAR last season. There isn’t a single feature that puts it over the top, but as a ... Read more

The 2014 CAN-AMs – Survival of the Fastest

Evolution makes every species stronger.  Can-Am believes that lesson applies to products as well and it’s evident by their continually evolving lineup.  You can bet even before they release a new product they’re planning the ... Read more

First Ride – The Maverick Missile

Not long ago, Can-Am introduced their high performance Maverick 1000R Side x Side, but we were only allowed a mechanical sneak peak.  Since then we’ve been counting the days until we finally could climb inside ... Read more

Best Crossover Class Side-x-Side of 2012

When Can-Am introduced their Commander Side x Side, it set a new standard for performance, refinement, and handling.  With a limited number of Side x Sides on the market at the time, the Commander was ... Read more

ATV of the Year

If we could only pick one machine for everything from weekend trail rides to work around the yard or farm, it would be the Can-Am Outlander MAX 650. It’s off-road perfection on four wheels. What ... Read more
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