Ride Tested – Home Field Advantage

You never really know a machine until you spend time with it on your own turf.  When KYMCO released their innovative UXV 450i more than a year ago we were impressed.  The new mid-sized machine ... Read more

New Model Test – Colorado Climber

There are few better ways to test a vehicle than to set off on a back country adventure.  You get to know a machine when you rely on it to reach a destination and we ... Read more

First Ride – Rock Stars

A few months ago, we tested a KYMCO UXV 500i Side x Side in the rocks of Moab, Utah.  Recently we had a chance to try an all-new 2013 MOAB Special Edition UXV 500i across ... Read more

Field Tested – The KYMCO UXV 500i

From our previous trips to Moab, we knew the terrain can be tough regardless of what you’re riding, and when we pulled into the pits, it quickly became evident just how tough others thought it ... Read more

Team Spotlight – The K Team

Al Golding is the man in charge of running the KYMCO race team.  Think of him as the team manager, leaning on one knee at the edge of the dugout, all the while carefully watching ... Read more

Ride Tested – The Utility Player

Visually the KYMCO MXU 500i looks great!  KYMCO always does an excellent job with their bodywork, and just like all KYMCO models the plastic is durable, pliable, and scratch resistant.  More importantly it also fits ... Read more