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“TITAN Fuel Tanks unveils a new Nissan Titan XD fuel tank with huge capacity”

“TITAN Fuel Tanks unveils a new Nissan Titan XD fuel tank with huge capacity”


With the same name, it seems natural that TITAN Fuel Tanks would have a XXL capacity fuel tank for the Nissan Titan XD. This tank is a 50 gallon, direct replacement tank. It fits in the Nissan where the stock tank was while also using free space in the chassis. Like all TITAN tanks the Nissan tank is made of cross-linked, military grade polymer. The tanks are designed and made in the USA and carry an industry leading Lifetime Warranty. Being a direct replacement means that there is no cutting and no fabrication required, the giant tank fits right into the Nissan. “As soon as Nissan announced their Titan XD powered by a Cummins diesel engine our team went to work to design a tank for it.” Stated Ken Anderson with TITAN Fuel Tanks, he continued “Fitment is critical in the Nissan as there are so many things to work and fit around. Making the tank easy to install was the challenge, a challenge that we overcame! Installation of our 50 gallon Nissan Titan XD replacement tank only requires one person and two and a half hours of time. For those experienced installing our tanks, they will get it done even faster!” The design that Ken speaks of is very evident when looking at the tank, it is crazy looking with all of its curves and notches, all there to ensure maximum fuel capacity and ease of installation.



We have covered the strength, durability, technology and appearance of the new Titan Fuel Tanks XXL capacity tank for the 2016 and up Nissan Titan XD, what we have held out is the price, it is shocking! Only $1299. At that price, the TITAN tank is a game changer, making it affordable for every Nissan TITAN XD owner while also providing peace of mind, having extra fuel and the security of a Lifetime Warranty.
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