2014 Polaris Youth Models

2014 Polaris Youth Models

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2014.polaris.sportsman90.green.front-right.studio.jpgFor 2014, Polaris is offering five youth models of Off-Road Vehicles (ORV) based upon the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America’s (SVIA) Youth ATV categories; the RZR170, Phoenix 200, Sportsman 90, Outlaw 90 and Outlaw 50.

The Sportsman 90 and Outlaw 90 ATVs, classified as Y-10+ for riders 10 years old and older will continue to be offered. The Sportsman 90 will be available in Sage Green while the Outlaw 90 ATV in Voodoo Blue and Pink. The Y-6+ age group, for riders 6 years old and older, will have the Outlaw 50 ATV available in Voodoo Blue and Pink.The ZR170 side-by-side is available for riders 10 years old and older. For the T age group (transitional riders 14 years old and up), the RZR170 will be available in Indy Red and a Voodoo Blue Limited Edition model.

Polaris’ entry-level Phoenix 200 ATV also is available to the T age group. Its larger chassis can accommodate some of the riders in this age group better than the 90cc units, and the vehicle will be speed limited to 20 mph/32.2 kph as delivered, 30 mph/48.3 kph intermediate, and 38 mph/61.2 kph unrestricted. The 20 mph/32.2 kph and 30 mph/48.3 kph speeds also are throttle limited. The model is available in Voodoo Blue for 2014.

The RZR170, Sportsman 90, Outlaw 90 and Outlaw 50 ORVs will continue to include a wide variety of safety features such as an adjustable throttle limiter to enable adults to set a maximum speed control limit, daytime running lights to increase daytime visibility, full floorboards and heat shields. Other vehicle features include an electric start, automatic transmission, 4-stroke engine, and long travel suspension on the Sportsman 90. The RZR170 will continue to have seatbelts, color-coded pedals, parking brake, hand holds, and side nets.

All youth model ORVs purchased from an authorized dealer come with a high visibility whip flag, speed limiter and safety video. Accompanied with these models is a DOT-approved helmet (two for RZR170) to teach kids the importance of wearing the proper safety gear. 

Polaris Youth model ORVs lead the way with safety features which make them one of the best-selling youth lines available. Adult supervision is required for all riders under 16. Polaris strongly encourages anyone operating an ORV to take available training. In the United States, the ATV Safety Institute’s RiderCourse training is available through the SVIA, at ATVsafety.org or 800-887-2887. The ROV E-Course is available through ROHVA, at rohva.org.