You don’t see a lot of Yanmar UTVs on the trails. They often spend their lives toiling away on ranches, construction sites, and anywhere else there is a tough job to do. With names like The Longhorn, The Bull, The Black Angus, there is little doubt about their gritty toughness. Now the Brahma joins the Yanmar herd, and it’s one tough hombre.


Yanmar is one of the worlds largest suppliers of diesel engines, and it was a given that they would eventually put one in a new, heavy duty UTV chassis with their own styling. That model is the Brahma. While most of the Yanmar fleet draws heavily on a partnership with Yamaha and carry a very similar look to Yamaha’s Viking and Wolverine models, the Brahma is a huge departure in a different direction. Yanmar nailed it perfectly with the Brahma! It’s stylish, but all business!

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The Brahma is powered by a Yanmar three-cylinder diesel engine and offers a new design with work capabilities as the top priority. It’s a purebred work machine with excellent hauling and pulling power, but no sacrifices to driver comfort and performance, and it’s available in three different trim levels. Details are:

  • Powered by Yanmar 3-cylinder diesel engine and driven by a CVT transmission

  • Durable steel cargo bed on top of a steel chassis

  • Electronic Power Steering

  • Base model comes with a hard-top roof

  • The Semi-cab model gets a partial enclosure with a front windshield, rear window and extra storage space.

  • Premium model comes with a full cab, weather sealed doors, powered dump bed tilt, and automotive like HVAC system

  • Colors : Premium metallic red, traditional Yanmar red, and deep tactical green

  • Brahmas come with two bucket seats, under seat, and side storage boxes

  • Adjustable shocks, long travel independent suspension on all models

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Yanmar also gives the Brahma a long list of standard features that are options on other brands. They like to say the term “Batteries not included” doesn’t sit well with them. You get the accessories you need, right from the showroom floor so you can get to work. Extra features are:

  • Side mirrors, Turn signals, and Hazard lights are standard on all models

  • Horn is standard on all models

  • Bright projector beam LED headlights are standard on all models

  • Front Bumper is standard on Semi-cab; optional on Canopy models

  • Center rear view mirror is standard on Semi-cab models; optional on Canopy models

  • Hard-top roof is standard on Semi-cab models; optional on Canopy models

  • Front and Rear Windows are standard on Semi-cab models; optional on Canopy models

  • Washer & Wipers are standard on Semi-cab models; optional on Canopy models

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We were excited to check out the new Brahma at a trade show. It looks to have a lot going for it and we’ll wrangle a unit for a full test soon.


Engine Type   993cc, 3 Cylinder, 4-cycle, Inline Diesel Engine

Fuel    Diesel 10.57 U.S. gal. (40 L)

Transmission Type    CVT

Drive Train    4×4/2×4 (turf mode), rear diff lock

Suspension (Front)    10.6

Suspension (Rear)    10.2

Front Brakes    10.1-in disk with twin piston brake caliper

Back Brakes    8.7-in disk with twin piston brake caliper

L x W x H    134.4 x 65.2 x 77.7

Ground Clearance    12.2 in

Bed Capacity    1000 lb.

Towing Capacity    2000 lb.



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February 5, 2020

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