2024 POLARIS RZR XP: FIRST LOOK & REVIEW – Unleash the Off-Road Beast!

2024 POLARIS RZR XP: FIRST LOOK & REVIEW – Unleash the Off-Road Beast!

Polaris isn’t letting up in 2024! Hot on the heels of the Troy Lee Designs RZR Pro R and RZR 200 EFI comes the 2024 POLARIS RZR XP. This side-by-side beast is available in both two and four-seat versions, along with 3 different trim packages to match your needs and budget. Buckle up for power, versatility, and a price that won’t break the bank!

2024 POLARIS RZR XP Seats of the 2024 POLARIS RZR XP

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Hold onto your helmets and forget confusing model tiers and sticker shock – this RZR XP packs a punch without the knockout blow to your wallet.  Releasing new models is practically a year-round habit for Polaris.  They seemingly put out more toys than Santa, Lego, and the Nerf people combined, and the differences between models is often bewildering.  You can always count on the top-of-the line model to come with more horsepower and handling improvements, but also a price tag that makes one consider whether the kids really need a college education anyway.  That’s one big reason we’re so excited about the 2024 RZR XP.  It rides on a new chassis and with more power, but it comes at a price point that’s barely half of some models.  It’s a RZR XP for the masses.  Details of the 2024 POLARIS RZR XP are:

  • MORE POWER – All versions of the 2024 RZR XP get a new ProStar 1000 Gen-2 999cc, EFI equipped, 114 hp engine
  • A NEW, HEAVY-DUTY DRIVELINE – The driveline is built for heavier load and longer life with larger, stronger shafts and ungraded bearings.
  • NEW TRANSMISSION and DIFFERENTIALS – The transmission gets lower gear ratios for more torque, smoother engagement, and improved control. The differentials get Polaris’ fast engaging on-demand All Wheel Drive system.
  • NEW CVT SYSTEM – Larger ducts improve cooling and belt life, but also create smoother engagement and quick clutch response across the RPM range.
  • A NEW CAB DESIGNED FOR COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE. The seating position has been lowered but leg room has been increased.  Interior styling is more automotive like in quality with tighter seams and better fit and finish.  Controls have been centered in the dash and back lit switches are great for night rides.
  • FULL DOORS – Both a safety and a comfort feature, full doors provide splash protection but also keep occupants inside.
  • WALKER EVANS NEEDLE SHOCKS – 5 inches of travel from 16-position, fully adjustable shocks deliver a smooth ride.
  • TOOL-FREE REAR ACCESS – The rear cargo deck can be easily removed for engine access.
  • FULL PROTECTION – A strong, steel front bumper and full-length skid plates provide protection for the bodywork and underbody.

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We’ll never turn down more power, and we’re excited to try the Gen2 ProStar engine.  There is no turbo on this motor, but we’ll gladly trade it for less cost, better reliability, and less heat buildup.   We’re also extremely happy Polaris gave the 2024 XP a heavier driveline.  Many owners put on the biggest tires they can find with little thought to the increased load on the rest of the machine, and when you combine a much heavier tire with bigger lugs the load on the driveline increases dramatically.   A heavier driveline and larger, higher load bearings will go a long way to increasing reliability in this area.

We’re guessing somebody from Polaris took apart a Kawasaki KRX and thought the beefy steel chassis was a great idea.  We agree!  A stronger chassis with larger diameter tubing makes for a stiffer chassis, more precise feel, and less squeaks from chassis flex.  That will be welcome news for legions of RZR pilots.  We also like the new roofline which looks a bit like a custom-built aftermarket cage.

Polaris made major improvements in quality control with the 2024 RZR and we like the tighter body seams, full doors, and interior styling.  The interior gets a redesigned dash with a more automotive style feel.  Function was not forgotten, though, and taller riders will appreciate the extra leg room while shorter drivers will love the much better view.  Controls, switches, and the digital display have been centered in the dash and we’re happy Polaris extended the visor over the digital display.  It was sometimes hard to read in the past because of glare.  A longer visor will definitely help alleviate that.  We also really like the handy storage bin above the steering wheel.  It will be handy for your phone or whatever you want close by.  Overall, with the quality control improvements this is likely to be the best RZR in the lineup.  We fully expect Polaris to carry this new style to other models as well.

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Polaris loves their custom trim packages and the 2024 RZR XP is no different.  Both the two-seat and the four-seat XP models are available in three trim packages; Sport, Premium and Ultimate.  Here’s how they stack up:

RZR XP 1000 Sport:

The RZR XP 1000 Sport features 29” Trailmaster X/T tires, color-matched seats and springs, LED headlights, illuminated in-cab switches, and a new digital display.  Starting at $20,999 U.S.

RZR XP 1000 Premium:

The RZR XP 1000 Premium gets a painted body, unique, premium graphics, 30-inch Trailmaster X/T 2.0 tires, color-matched dash, seats and springs, PMX head unit, a Rockford Fosgate® Stage 1 Audio, a poly roof, and four-point harnesses.  Priced at $22,999 U.S.

RZR XP 1000 Ultimate:

The top-of-the line RZR XP 1000 Ultimate also gets a painted body and two premium color and graphics options, a seven-inch touchscreen display with RIDE COMMAND, a Rockford Fosgate® Stage 2 Audio, 900W operating system, along with front and rear LED accent lighting.  Starting at $25,999 U.S.

It wouldn’t be a Polaris without a long list of available accessories and the XP is designed for customization.  The 2024 RZR XP offers six plug-and-play PULSE ports and is prewired for easy integration.  An available 900W charging system provides plenty of power to run electronics.  Check out the Rockford Fosgate Stage 5 audio system with four 100W speakers and a 12” 400W subwoofer!

2024 POLARIS RZR XP in desert 2024 POLARIS RZR XP in rocks


As much as we loved last years XP, we can’t wait to see what the new 2024 POLARIS RZR XP platform delivers.  You can bet on this, however.  With the stiffer chassis it will feel more precise and will be quieter.  The new seating position and added leg room will make it more comfortable, especially for taller riders, but shorter drivers will also love the better views over the hood.  We also expect less vibration from the larger prop shafts and bearings, more than enough power to conquer every trail in the country, and a top speed north of 75 mph.  The XP was already our pick of the Polaris Side x Side lineup.  The 2024 RZR XP only cements that.



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March 26, 2024

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