Ditch the wagon ride!  The Polaris Ranger revolutionized the working UTV scene, blasting in with comfort, convenience, and a healthy dose of fun.  Sure, it still boasted a massive cargo box and beefy tow hitch, but it also shattered expectations with a smooth ride, impressive handling, and capability that left the competition in the dust.  Fast forward two decades, and the Ranger keeps pushing the limits.  Countless advancements in power, handling, performance, and creature comforts have cemented its place as a leader.  The 2025 Polaris Rangers up the ante yet again, with a fresh wave of upgrades that elevate the machine to unprecedented levels.


The 2025 Ranger doesn’t get a complete overhaul; it’s a transformation.  While not a complete redesign, it packs more innovation than most competitors see in their entire life cycle.  Buckle up, we’re diving into the biggest improvements.

  • TRANSMISSION UPGRADE:  All models get a Gen 2 transmission for much smoother shifting and positive gear engagement.
  • EPS RECALIBRATED:   The Electronic Power Steering system gets recalibrated for better control, with increased responsiveness and feel at low speeds.
  •  NET GAIN:  Models with side nets instead of doors have a quicker, easier system that snaps nets securely in place
  • 100 WAYS TO CUSTOMIZE:  More than 100 factory accessories are available to outfit the Ranger with whatever you need.  A new front bumper with added hood protection, and a wiring harness plug-in that flips on Reverse lights when shifted into park or from a user-controlled switch are added to the long list of accessories. 
  • SOUND SYSTEM:  Polaris has partnered with JBL for a premium sound system that easily integrates with the Rangers.  It’s a standard feature on the RANGER XP 1000 NorthStar Ultimate models.
  • GRILLE UPGRADE:  The RANGER XP 1000 and XP 1000 NorthStar get a restyled front-end and a new bumper and grille for added durability and front-end protection. 
  • 29” TIRES:  The RANGER XP 1000 and RANGER XP 1000 NorthStar models now come with 29-inch tires that provide an extra inch of ground clearance, improved traction, and a little more cushion over rough and rocky terrain.
  • COVER UP:  RANGER 1000 Premium and XP 1000 now come with a roof, and a Polaris HD 4,500-pound winch with a wireless remote, and synthetic rope.  


The Ranger’s design goes beyond aesthetics. The pliable bodywork shrugs off scratches and keeps mud at bay, protecting both the machine and riders in open-cab models.  Under the hood you’ll find a haven of organization: electrical connections are tucked away neatly, along with a pre-wired bus bar for easy accessory installation (positions are even marked for you!).  And for ultimate protection, a sturdy steel bumper shields the front end, complete with a loop for easy trailer tie-down.  The rear of every Ranger features a huge, tilting cargo box with pockets for accessories molded in.  The bed sides even get a textured surface to hide scuffs and scrapes.

Polaris didn’t hold back on the Ranger 1000’s interior.  Every control falls readily at the driver’s fingertips, with a large digital display right behind the steering wheel.  Models with the RIDE COMMAND system also get a 7” full color LCD display in the dash center.  Flip-up seats reveal massive storage bins, with additional sealed dash compartments, and 6 cup holders.  Plenty of legroom lets you stretch out, while the textured floorboard keeps your boots planted. 

Pop the hood (or should we say, the cargo bed?) and you’ll find the heart of the beast. The Ranger 1000 boasts a sturdy steel frame with minimal bolted connections.  Most of the chassis is welded for a rock-solid feel and minimal squeaks. Dual A-arms at each end provide a smooth, quiet ride thanks to fully sealed pivot bushings. Nestled beneath the cargo bed lies the engine and transmission, working in tandem to deliver power through a proven CVT system, a Polaris hallmark.  Having the engine mounted in the rear definitely keeps noise to a minimum, and it’s easy to have a normal conversation with your passenger.  The 2025 Rangers also uphold the legacy of a silky-smooth ride.  Forget bumps, the Rangers simply float down the trail.  Sharp handling, another Ranger hallmark, remains stellar.  It carves through twists and turns with precision, and minimal body roll keeps tires planted even under aggressive driving. 


Polaris is introducing the all-new RANGER CREW XP 1000 NorthStar Texas Edition, as well as bringing back a fan favorite – the RANGER CREW XP 1000 Waterfowl Edition.

Forget dry land. The 2025 Ranger Crew XP 1000 Waterfowl Edition is built for wherever the ducks are.  Flooded fields? Muddy swamps? No problem.  Charge through it all with 29-inch Pro Armor Mud XC tires that claw for grip, while arched A-arms give maximum ground clearance.  A high-mounted winch and air intakes keep vital components safe from water, while the Waterfowl Hunt Camo ensures you blend into the cover.

Texas Tough Just Got an Upgrade: Introducing the All-New Ranger Crew XP 1000 NorthStar Texas Edition.  This machine isn’t afraid of a little dust.  Built to conquer rugged terrain, it rolls on 29-inch tires and arched A-arms for maximum ground clearance, letting you navigate rocky cattle trails with ease.  But it’s not all about muscle.  The Texas Edition comes standard with a roof for added comfort, exclusive Texas-edition badging, and premium embroidered cut-and-sew seats.  Available in Bronze Pearl Metallic, this Ranger is as tough as the Lone Star State itself.


  • RANGER 1000 – Starting at $13,999 U.S.  ($16,799 CA)
  • RANGER CREW 1000 – Starting at $15,799 U.S.  ($18,999 CA)
  • RANGER 1000 EPS – Starting at $15,999 U.S.  ($19,199 CA)
  • RANGER 1000 Premium – Starting at $17,999 U.S.  ($21,599 CA)
  • RANGER CREW 1000 Premium – Starting at $19,999 U.S.  ($23,999 CA)
  • RANGER XP 1000 Premium – Starting at $20,999 U.S.  ($25,199 CA)
  • RANGER CREW XP 1000 Premium – Starting at $22,999 U.S.  ($27,599 CA)
  • RANGER XP 1000 NorthStar Edition Premium – Starting  $27,999 U.S.  ($33,599 CA)
  • RANGER CREW XP 1000 NorthStar Ed. Prem. – Starting  $30,999 U.S.  ($37,199 CA)
  • RANGER XP 1000 NorthStar Edition Ultimate – Starting at $32,999 U.S.  ($39,599 CA)
  • RANGER CREW XP 1000 NorthStar Ed. Ultimate – Starting  $35,999 US  ($43,199 CA)
  • RANGER CREW XP 1000 Waterfowl Edition – Starting at $25,499 U.S.  ($30,599 CA)
  • 2025 RANGER CREW XP 1000 Texas Edition – Starting at $24,499 U.S.  ($29,399 CA)
  • RANGER CREW XP 1000 NorthStar Texas Edition– Starting $36,999 US  ($44,399 CA)


The Polaris Ranger’s legend keeps growing.  It’s become a fixture in the off-road world, revered for its ability to conquer tasks while pampering your backside.  The Ranger redefined the category, setting the bar for performance, comfort, and power.  And the 2025 Rangers? It’s not an evolution, it’s an elevation.  Get ready to experience the biggest, baddest Rangers yet.



To learn more about the Polaris Ranger 1500, check out our review here: https://atvillustrated.com/content/2024-polaris-sportsman-xpedition-ranger-xd-first-reviews/


Polaris built a reputation for all-terrain versatility.  Their vehicles could conquer sand dunes, weave through forests, or haul bales to hungry cattle.  But the Polaris XPEDITION breaks the mold.  It’s a champion for a new adventure: overlanding.

Overlanding, made popular by the Jeep crowd, is about outfitting your vehicle for extended trips deep into the backcountry, along with all your gear.  The XPedition is built for that purpose.  It’s a bold departure from Polaris’s usual approach, although it comes with an eye-watering price tag.    


DracoUTV just tricked out a Polaris XPEDITION for a client who needed a rig for their photography business.  What they came up with is both stylish and unique.  They really did manage to bring the kitchen sink, and the refrigerator too, all wrapped in a custom painted package.  Check out the list of what was included in this one-of-a kind XPedition build.

  • Draco Roof Top Rack and Storage Boxes
  • KC HiLiTES PRO 6 Roof rack light, Chase lights, Rock lights, and A-Pillar lights
  • Roof Rack Awning and Shower
  • Slide out kitchen with Sink and Refrigerator
  • HCR 72-inch-long travel suspension
  • 35-inch EFX tires on 15-inch KMC Beadlock wheels
  • Pro Eagle Jack and mount
  • Draco UTV Interior with custom cloth and stitching on headliner, seats, steering wheel, dash, door handles and bed/mattress.
  • Draco Custom rear tent and snap in doors
  • Solar power panel with power pack
  • Draco Custom Green Paint




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