AAA – Terms – Testing WHO IS CFMOTO?

AAA – Terms – Testing WHO IS CFMOTO?

Make room for CFMoto.  While the majority of ATVs and Side x Sides sold in North America are built by the familiar big names, CFMoto is making serious inroads, and they’ve got the resources and a skilled team to do much, much more. 


CFMoto is a Chinese powersports company with a strong global presence and extensive lineup of ATVs, Side x Sides (UTVs), and motorcycles.  Founded in 1989, CFMoto is now China’s largest exporter of ATV and utility side-by-sides (UTVs), and its motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular.  Just as KYMCO, TGB, SYM, and several other companies were first a manufacturing partner for several of the well-known brands like Honda, Yamaha, etc., CFMoto created their own extensive product line and dealer network. 

CFMoto began as a contract engine manufacturer and the lessons learned were quickly applied by CFMoto engineers.  The importance of quality control, thorough testing, and efficient manufacturing were adeptly made part of the CFMoto manufacturing system.  Curiously, while several other brands began by building very small displacement or youth models, CFMoto took the route of building large displacement, full-sized models from the get-go.  In recent years CFMoto has also made a number of strategic partnerships, including a joint venture with KTM. This partnership has allowed CFMoto to access KTM’s advanced engine technology and design expertise.  It’s a relationship that offers high value to both partners.


CFMoto powersports vehicles are known for their reliable performance, advanced features, and competitive prices.  Their ATVs and Side x Sides are often equipped with features that are considered an accessory on other brands, and it’s common for CFMoto to outfit models with a winch, larger tires and wheels, a roof or windshield, etc., at no additional expense.  Those type of accessories add considerable value for the rider, especially when it has been pre-installed at the factory.  All the owner needs to do is grab their helmet and get to the trail.


The CFMoto website ( ) currently lists 8 ATV models, 5 sport model Side x Sides, and 3 hard-working UTVs.  Highlights of each product line are:


  • Engine size from 600cc UFORCE 600, to the 1000cc UFORCE 1000
  • Multiple seating option for 2 to 6 riders in comfortable, easy-access or exit cabs
  • Packed with value added features from the factory, with additional accessories available to match your intended use.
  • Excellent HP and large cargo beds for hauling, and a hitch for towing
  • Stylish, highly durable bodywork that fits nicely over a steel chassis.


  • Multiple engine sizes beginning with the 110cc Cforce youth models, and 400 to 1000cc full-sized adult models
  • Good power across the RPM range and the smoothest running large displacement engine we’ve ever tried.
  • Good ergonomic layout, easy to reach controls, and comfy seats.
  • Smooth, pliable, and durable bodywork that fits well with no protruding edges to catch your boots or riding gear.
  • Available in single or two seat versions
  • Packed with great features from the factory, with multiple accessories available to customize.


  • Engine size from 800 to 1000cc, with excellent HP and tuned for performance from off-idle through the upper RPM range.  
  • Full side doors that protect from mud or water and also help keep you inside the cab.
  • Feature rich cabs with comfortable seating, on-board storage, and available seating for 4 on the ZForce 950 Sport
  • Packed with value added features from the factory.
  • Rear cargo decks for hauling and a hitch for towing
  • Stylish, highly durable bodywork that fits great!


CFMoto is a global manufacturer with factories around the world and dealerships in over 70 countries.  The CFMoto North American branch is located in Plymouth, Minnesota, and they’re again expanding into an even larger warehouse and office that will accommodate design and testing teams, dealer training facilities, a product showroom, and office space.  They also happen to be only a short drive across town from the headquarters of both Polaris and Arctic Cat, but this creates an opportunity. 

One lesson CFMoto has learned VERY well is that the design and development work for the North American market is best done here by a team that understands our riding style and multiple uses.  The big-four Japanese brands have development teams here for the same reason and it makes a huge difference in how well a model both performs and meets the customer’s needs.  In fact, the design work for new CFMoto models is being done in Minnesota by a team of engineers and riders just like us!  There is one other huge advantage with their current address:  CFMoto now has access to a large amount of powersports engineers and suppliers who learned their trade at another brand and were open to working with a smaller team but also a slimmer corporate structure with an improved upside.  As a result, CFMoto is stocked with former Polaris, Arctic Cat, and Japanese brand employees who packed up their tools and found a better opportunity.  It’s an enormous advantage.  If you want fresh apples, you go to the tree. 


Like all global manufacturers, CFMoto relies on manufacturing partners, but they also control nearly all of the manufacturing process and their labor costs under their own roof.  This greatly effects both quality control, efficiency, and as a result, the end price.  Some CFMoto complete models are priced less than an accessory package at a few other brands!  With their current manufacturing structure, they can simply produce models at a pace faster and more efficiently than many other OEMs.  Recently they completed a new factory in Mexico to further shorten the supply chain and avoid disruptions such as those caused during the covid pandemic.


Value, Innovation and Quality are three tenants built into the CFMoto corporate structure but they’re also very open to learning.  They have the design team here to direct and refine both new and existing models, the ability to build whatever they want, and from what we have experienced, to build them very well.  They’re on pace to surpass some of the existing manufacturers, and with the features and value they offer at a very reasonable price you can’t overlook them.  If you haven’t checked out CFMoto yet it’s time to give them a look. – Sport Side x Sides – Working model UTVs – ATV Models