Army CoCreate Make-A-Thon

Army CoCreate Make-A-Thon

2013.kawasaki.teryx750.modified-military-vehicle.jpgMobile Command Post

The main project asks participants to modify the Kawasaki Teryx 750cc, a commonly available Army LTATV, to serve as a mobile command post for platoon and company sized elements or approximately 30-150 soldiers.

The vehicle will be designed to support a variety of equipment to improve the operational effectiveness of dismounted patrols by increasing communications, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and situational awareness. The LTATV design must account for factors such as mobility, weight, visibility, payload, operation and transportability.

Soldiers will begin to bring this concept to life at the first Army CoCreate Make-a-Thon, hosted by MCoE at Fort Benning, Ga. from Dec. 9-13. Every member of the Army CoCreate community is invited to collaborate with the soldiers at Ft. Benning by contributing ideas, designs and comments to the mobile command post project page.

Make-a-Thon Live Streaming

The Dec. Make-a-Thon is the first step in prototyping a new soldier-focused solution, and all community members will be able to watch the event LIVE as it unfolds. The Make-a-Thon live stream, scheduled from 9am-5pm EST daily starting Tuesday, will have an interactive feature through which all community members can actively ¬†articipate from anywhere in the world. Community members will be able to ask questions, present ideas or simply ask us for a better camera view. No matter how you choose to get involved, your participation is essential to the Make-a-Thon’s success.