ATV of the Year

ATV of the Year we could only pick one machine for everything from weekend trail rides to work around the yard or farm, it would be the Can-Am Outlander MAX 650. It’s off-road perfection on four wheels. What makes the Outlander 650 Max special is that it does so many things so well. Can-Am bumped up the power on the 650cc, liquid cooled, EFI equipped engine this year and it completely changed the feel. The engine runs extremely smooth with zero vibration, it delivers instant yet easily controlled throttle response, and there is enough horsepower on tap for plenty of thrills thanks to a 15% power increase over last year’s model. At 62 horsepower, it’s not the most powerful model in the Can-Am lineup, but it has as much or more power than most other manufacturer’s top-of-the-line machines. The Outlander Max is supremely rideable, however, with spot-on fuel mapping and very predictable power delivery. If you want to enjoy a casual cruise down the trails, it can be as tame as a house pet, but crack open the throttle at any speed and it’s ready to bolt like a starving lion after a quick meal. The Outlander Max 650 is not a one trick pony though, and since it’s a proud member of the MAX family, it’s made for two passengers and all day comfort. When riding solo, the rear seat can be removed within seconds and a nifty storage box that looks very much like a fishing tackle box locks down into place for a little extra storage. On the trail, you’ll forget it’s a two-up machine. Handling and stability is excellent from the slightly longer chassis, and it’s very comfortable. The Outlander Max 650 is one of those rare dream machines, and like every Can-Am, it’s available in several option packages. It’s a do-it-all machine we’ve loved since our first ride, and it’s one the best ATVs ever built. For all that it offers, and all it does so well in a great looking package, it’s our pick as ATV of the Year. We love it!  

January 7, 2013

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