ATV/UTV Annual Toy Run!

ATV/UTV Annual Toy Run!


vendor.2014.atv-utv-annual-toy-run.atvs.parked.on-rocks.jpgWhen a person first thinks about group riding the idea that generally follows is a nice warm sunny day, ideal temps between 68-72 degrees. The mud is just perfect, it has just rained so the trails aren’t dusty, and everyone that goes out comes back in one piece.

Then we were invited to a group ride put on by Stiller’s Motorsports called the Annual Toy Ride. My ideal requirements changed a bit. I’m no fair weather rider, as we ride 52 weeks a year, but to get me out to an organized event in 30 degree weather it had to be special. You see, $20 or a $20 toy got us into this ride, and we can’t argue with a good cause. Toys for kids less fortunate and we get to do what all of us yearn for the minute we offload our trailers back at home the week before. How can a group of people change the lives of so many kids with just $20? Get over 900 of them to come to the event that’s how!

Our group alone, the Western PA SXS and ATV Riders, came through 100+ riders strong! From the time we hit the trail until the time the trailer door closed, everyone we spoke with had a blast. Trails were in great shape, Scrubgrass OHV Park is often an overlooked place to ride in our community. Power sport riders usually steer clear of anywhere that has been rutted by Jeeps, but the trails were surprisingly clean. Didn’t come across anything overly difficult, but still enough challenge that you couldn’t let your guard

The day started as so many other rides and poker runs do. Everyone getting geared up, checking their fuel and tires. Packing cargo bags and making sure there are tow straps ready to pull someone in distress. We weren’t 15 minutes into the ride when a 2015 RZR 900S shut off and we couldn’t get it started trailside. Thanks to some recovery work we got it back to the trailer and diagnosed the problem. Back out on the trail, with only a couple minor and a couple not so minor mishaps, the day went off without a hitch. Around 1 PM our group, the Western PA SxS & ATV Riders, got together for a group photo and our best count was around 88 machines. An amazing turnout for our group’s first official ride!

Belonging to a group of like-minded enthusiasts makes for a great experience both on the trail, and the times you are at home wishing you were on the trail. So much knowledge and comradery as well as the playful brand war jokes back and forth make getting loaded up and ready to hit the trails that much more enjoyable.

If you would like to learn about upcoming events, be sure to check out Western PA SXS and ATV Riders on Facebook. We are a diverse group of riders of all ages and walks of life. There are ATV’s and SxS’s both sport and utility.

The next Toy Ride is coming December 14th 2014 so make sure you come out and support this amazing cause. Scrubgrass is definitely on our list of places to ride more often this coming year. We will see you out there and don’t forget to visit us on Facebook, and Stiller Motorsports as well as all of our sponsors. See you at Scrubgrass!

If you would like to sponsor a ride for our group, or our group as a whole, you will be reaching over 800 members and growing more every day in the Western PA area. Please contact Bobbi Jo Steffey at or Michael Mack at for more information.

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