Best 450cc High Performance ATV of 2012

Best 450cc High Performance ATV of 2012 you’re chasing checkered flags or just want to smoke your buddies, you can do no better than with the Yamaha YFZ 450R. The YFZ has been winning championships since it was first introduced and it’s never slowed down.

Race machines are all about power, suspension, and handling and the YFZ 450R has the perfect balance of all three. Power is from a 449cc, 4-Stroke, Liquid Cooled, 5-Valve DOHC engine which is unique in that the oil reservoir is carried within the engine cases. Suspension is provided by dual A-arms at the front, a cast aluminum swingarm and linkage system at the rear, and massive, fully adjustable, high quality shocks. On the track nothing can carve a line like the YFZ 450R and through the whoops or in the air, it holds its line and stays exactly where you put it.

Every part of the YFZ 450R was designed with performance in mind and that includes the ergonomics. Riding position puts you in an aggressive stance ready to attack the track ahead and it feels very natural. The seat is firm yet grippy and the transition area between the seat and tank are smooth and narrow allowing you to shift your weight easily. Down below is a sturdy set of wide foot pegs to keep your feet planted and it all rides on a high tech, cast aluminum frame. Visually it looks great, and from any angle, it’s ready to attack anything in front of it.

The YFZ 450R also comes with one other feature that can’t be bolted on: it makes every rider better. It comes with everything needed to go fast, and it even helps you do it. If you’re looking to kick dirt on everything else, you can do no better than the Yamaha YFZ 450R. With its pro-level performance, outstanding features, and the ability to do so much so effortlessly, it’s our pick as the Best 450cc Hi-performance ATV of 2012. The only thing holding back the Yamaha YFZ 450R will be you.

January 7, 2013

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