Best Big Bore Sport ATV – The 2010 Polaris 525 S

Best Big Bore Sport ATV – The 2010 Polaris 525 S

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2010.polaris.525s.red_.front-right.riding.on-dirt.jpgNo other big bore sport ATV can match the power to weight ratio of the Polaris 525S. Torque from the KTM motor is outstanding and the ability to raise the front wheels at any time makes it an absolute blast to ride. We’ve raced the 525S in the woods and on the motocross track; with its lighter weight and more aggressive stance, it easily out handles other big bore sport ATVs. We really like the stock Maxxis tires which hold up well and get good traction on soft loam, but in the sand they also steer very well because of the front center rib. Although the ride height is taller than we would prefer, due to a lower center of gravity from the powerful yet compact, liquid cooled, 510cc 4 stroke engine, the 525 S doesn’t have the tippy, top heavy feeling in the corners some other big bores do. We also like the ergonomics and smooth transition from fuel tank to seat on the 525 S which makes it easy to move around on when riding aggressively. In addition, all the controls are high quality parts; although we replaced the enormous stock throttle with one from another brand. The Polaris 525 S also offers good value for the money and in the hands of an experienced rider, the overall performance can’t be beat which is why it is the Best Big Bore Sport ATV of 2010.

2010.polaris.525s.close-up.front-shock.jpg 2010.polaris.525s.close-up.rear-suspension.jpg

December 23, 2010