Best Open Class Utility ATV of 2012

Best Open Class Utility ATV of 2012


 It’s almost a little hard to believe an 800cc machine would not be the most powerful ATV in the lineup, but with Can-Am anything is possible.  The Can-Am Outlander 800R definitely qualifies as a big bore machine by anybody’s standard, however, and it’s our pick as the best Open Class Utility ATV of 2012.  What sets the Outlander 800R above other models in the Can-Am (and everybody else’s) lineup is the second generation SST chassis.    

Can-Am’s Gen-2 SST chassis offers twice the strength, less flex, and all new suspension geometry that completely transforms the ride of all Outlander and Renegade models.  The result is a far better ride and more precise handling.  Can-Am didn’t stop with just the chassis though.  We also really like the new body styling that is sculpted for better ergonomics.  From the plush rider’s seat, the bodywork has you well protected from mud, water, or anything else, and it’s very comfortable even for riders well over 6ft.  We especially like how the area between your knees has been sculpted for better feel.  Between the rear tail lights is a huge, sealed, storage compartment and tough composite racks can handle just about anything you can stack on them.  At the rear, a receiver hitch is ready to tow any load as well.    

The engine on the 800R is a liquid cooled, fuel injected, SOHC V-twin driving a high performance CVT transmission.  Higher air intakes for the CVT and airbox help keep out water, and the CVT cover gets a better seal and a drain plug.  Thankfully, the air filter is now a much easier to service cartridge design.  Power delivery is instant with enormous torque available at any time.  You won’t ever be underpowered.  

Both the Can-Am Outlander 800R and 1000 are immensely powerful and supremely capable, but the 800R is a little easier and less tiring for all day rides and that makes it our pick as the best Open Class Utility ATV of 2012.

January 6, 2013

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