Big Government Wants to Limit Your Off-road Ability…We Disagree! Stand Up and Let Your Voices Be Heard!

Big Government Wants to Limit Your Off-road Ability…We Disagree! Stand Up and Let Your Voices Be Heard!


2014.polaris.cpsc-ruling.act-now-to-protect-your-freedom-to-ride.jpgThe United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) wants to design your next off-road side-by-side (ROV) vehicle.

Despite the willingness of off-road manufacturers, along with the Recreation Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA), to work in unison with the CPSC to develop ongoing safety improvements for all off-highway vehicles, the CPSC appears determined to mandate handling and performance capabilities, and require excessive and potentially unsafe restraint systems for future ROVs. If not halted, the mandate will unnecessarily limit design freedom in the off-road industry and negatively impact off-road customers.

The proposed CPSC “rule” would require the manufacturers to make arbitrary design changes to all future side-by-side vehicles. The proposed changes could lead to future off-road vehicles with reduced steering response, reduction in ground clearance, and more restrictive driver and passenger restraint and seatbelt systems.

The proposed design restrictions by the CPSC should not be taken lightly. In fact, it was this very commission that proposed a ban on all youth ATVs just a few years ago due to lead content in metal parts. Now it’s happening again, and off-road, side-by-side vehicles (ROV) are the new target.

Your immediate action is needed now to halt this mandate. All off-road enthusiasts need to reach out to Congress, and voice their opposition. Together, we can halt this mandate, but you must act now. As a unified community, we can protect our right to design, build and ride for today and the future.

More information about the proposed mandate and how to speak out can be found at Also be sure to voice your opinion on the CPSC Contact Form at Here’s some suggested text for that form:

My family and I are off-road vehicle enthusiasts and we own a Polaris side-by-side (Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle; ROV).  We are very happy with the safety and performance of our Polaris ROV.  We are concerned that CPSC’s proposed ROV standards will cause vehicle design to change, compromising performance and creating unintended consequences, while not increasing safety.  I urge CPSC to reconsider moving forward on a mandatory standard for ROVs. 

The industry’s updated voluntary standard (ANSI/ROHVA 1-2014) was developed following several years of discussions with the CPSC staff.  As of today, CPSC has not fully or fairly considered the new ANSI/ROHVA 1-2014 Standard.  Dismissing decades of real-world off-road expertise should not be allowed.  

Thank you for your consideration.”