Built for Battle Custom ZFORCE 800 EX

Built for Battle Custom ZFORCE 800 EX

vendor.2016.zforce800ex-cfmoto-superatv-custom-side-x-side.front-right.parked.on-gravel.jpg Plymouth, Minn. June 10, 2016 – Built for Battle…those were the bold words emblazoned down the side panel doors of the menacing ATV proudly on display during the annual Mud Nationals in Jacksonville, Texas this past spring. Exhibiting both capability and class, the mud ready custom vehicle was a collaborative effort between SuperATV and CFMOTO U.S.A. and it’s safe to say it was a showstopper.

The high-performance CFMOTO Z-FORCE 800 EX with Electronic Power Steering (EPS) is a formidable side-by-side in it’s own right. Powered by a burly twin-cylinder 800cc engine featuring electronic fuel injection and a potent 62-horsepower; the top of the line ZFORCE model has already turned plenty of heads within the off-road community with its unbeatable combination of performance, premium features and unbeatable value.

From there, the crew at SuperATV took over and transformed the ZFORCE into a battle ready mud machine, outfitting it with a long list of some their most coveted performance accessories including legendary High Clearance A-Arms, Portal Gear Lift, and Nerf Bars; while also including luxury add-ons such as Bluetooth® capable stereo system and water resistant cargo box.

“The completed build really exceeded everyone’s expectations,” said SuperATV Owner and President Harold Hunt. “Using a CFMOTO vehicle as the foundation was different in itself…a lot of people have become accustomed to seeing custom vehicles from other brands…CFMOTO builds a great product and once the team dug into the vehicle they grew more and more excited as the build progressed. The vehicle not only looks great but it has the performance to back it up.”

With Mud Nationals serving as the launch point for the “Built for Battle” ZFORCE 800 project, it was only fitting many of the upgrades SuperATV developed and installed were geared towards improved mud performance.vendor.2016.zforce800ex-cfmoto-superatv-custom-side-x-side.close-up.front.jpg

  • 4” Portal Gear Lift – delivers 30% gear reduction and is paired with SuperATV axles for extreme performance.

  • High Clearance A-Arms – aside from adding additional clearance, the arms feature adjustable upper ball joints for precise camber control.

  • 29.5” Assassinator Tires – 3” tread depth and self-cleaning design, deliver unmatched grip in the muddiest of conditions.

  • Bead Lock Wheels – 7” wide wheels with 5” of backspacing are mud tire ready.

  • Aluminum Doors – aluminum skinned doors add style, safety, and custom graphics.

  • Nerf Bars – tubular wrap-around design delivers protection over rocks and debris.

  • Half Windshield – wind and debris protection with scratch resistant hard coat.

  • Cargo Box – spacious water and mud resistant storage attaches securely to rear bed.

  • Bluetooth Speaker Bar – all weather design, 3-full range speakers and 2-tweeters.

  • 3 Panel Mirror – wide angle viewing both behind and to the sides of the vehicle.

The custom ZFORCE 800 EX will make more appearances at upcoming off-road events throughout the summer and fall including the Hill City, Minnesota hosted Mud Nationals, June 10-12 (www.quadnamudnationals.com). vendor.2016.zforce800ex-cfmoto-superatv-custom-side-x-side.close-up.cargo-bed.jpg

“The vehicle really makes a statement,” said CFMOTO Director of Marketing Chris Chu. “It was a huge draw in Texas (during Mud Nationals). It showcases the unlimited potential of the vehicle and perhaps more importantly, consumers are looking at the CFMOTO brand differently. We’re the largest and most respected off-road vehicle manufacturer in China, and now we’re on the gas in North America…our product line is robust, new dealers are joining our team weekly, and we’ve got a lot more exciting stuff coming in the future.”

For more information on the entire CFMOTO line of ATVs and side-by-sides; to find upcoming events where the vehicles, including the “Built for Battle” ZFORCE 800 EX, will be on display; and to find a dealer near you, visit them online at www.cfmotousa.com


CFMOTO is a premier off-road and on-road vehicle manufacturer based in Hangzhou, China. A recognized global leader in powersports for the past 26 years, CFMOTO was first introduced to the North American market in 2008 and has quickly become recognized as a manufacturer of premium quality, high-performance alternative powersports vehicles in the ATV and side-by-side markets.