Buyer’s Guide – Snow Plows

Buyer’s Guide – Snow Plows Metal Products

EMP only recently entered the Snow plow building business, but they’re off to a great start! They begin by using tough, American made steel and build the entire plow and hardware at their Cleveland, Ohio plant. At ¼” thick, the mounting structure and frame they use is almost twice as thick as many other plows.

Another great feature is a unique mounting bracket that allows the blade to pivot on any axis. That means the blade will float along the surface of whatever you are plowing, and you can still pivot the blade to push snow to either side. Rather than a tube structure, the EMP push frame is an extremely strong, boxed-in weldment of interlocking laser cut parts. Twin trip springs allow the blade to rotate down and then over any unseen object under the snow. The EMP plow mounts on a 2” receiver that is either standard on your UTV, or can be bolted on with their kit. An accessory winch raises the blade, and the winch mount comes with the plow.vendor.2011.extreme-metal-products.atv-snowplow.jpg

EMP Plow Quick Features

Surface following pivot mount is standard
Blade – Steel – Straight – 72 inches
Lift – Winch (Not included)
Optional Electric/Hydraulic Power Angle
Frame is made from 1/4″ thick A36 American Steel.
Powder Coated for superior corrosion protection.
Dual Trip Springs.
2 inch receiver mounting system
Winch mount is included with system


Living with an Iron Mountain, Michigan zip code, the BOSS people known a thing or two about snow, not only how to live with it, but how to move it as well! They’ve been one of the leading makers of plows for trucks, but now they’ve branched out into UTV plows as well. The BOSS system is unique in that it has its own self-contained hydraulic system to operate all plow control functions. All the operator needs to do is push a button on a handy, cab mounted joy stick, much like your TV remote. Everything about the BOSS plow is heavy duty, from the mounting hardware to the push frame, and plows are available in either a Power V design, or with a standard straight blade. There is nothing standard about the quality and engineering behind the BOSS plow system however; every detail is considered from curb guides that prevent the plow from digging into a curb, to a zinc primer base and baked on finish coat for extreme corrosion resistance. style=

Boss Plow Quick Features

Blade Width – Straight 78″ 72″
Blade Width – Vee 683/4″ NA
Blade Material 14 Gauge Steel 1/4″ Poly
Cutting Edge 1/4″ x 5″ High Performance 1/4″ x 4″
Plow Lifting Hydraulic
Plow Angling Hydraulic
Hydraulic Package High Performance (Comes off with the plow)
Warranty 2-Year Limited Warranty 2-Year Limited Warranty

Snowsport All Terrain Plow

The SNOWSPORT ALL TERRAIN PLOW takes a different direction than most other ATV and UTV plow designs. SnowSports main concern is getting the job done, and that’s exactly what their plow does. We installed a SnowSport ALL TERRAIN PLOW a year ago, and it went on quite easily; by that we mean without any cutting, pounding, or foul language that would require small children to leave the shop. The All Terrain Plow is unique in its mounting and lift mechanism because there are no moving parts and nothing to go wrong. Rather than a tube or rail push system, the blade rides against two vertical risers when going forward, and when backing up it simply follows you back. The blade floats along on the terrain regardless of which direction you are headed, and when it’s time to raise or transport the plow, you hop off and lift it into its cradle. What it lacks in mechanical features it makes up for in simplicity, and we really like a couple features found on the SnowSport plow. It has a nifty, thick, hard rubber bottom edge that won’t scar decorative concrete or sidewalks. The blade is a super strong, lightweight aluminum extrusion with plenty of stiffening ribs built in, and there is really nothing to go wrong with it. We’ve even pushed dirt with one and the moderately priced All Terrain Plow seemed to work everywhere.vendor.2011.agricover.snowsport-atv-snowplow.jpg

Snowsport All Terrain Plow Quick Features

Blade made of clear anodized hardened, extruded aluminum
Single point connection with 1 1/2″ square shaft interceptor
Model specific front mount is included
Heavy duty 1″ thick rubber cutting edge
Blade widths available: 48″, 54″, 60″, 66″, 72″ or 78″
All blades are 14 1/2″ high
One year warranty on all the plow parts and a three year warranty on the rubber cutting edge.

Cycle Country

Cycle Country has been making ATV snow plows for many years, but they changed the game when they introduced their patented new X-Force RibCore Poly plow at last year’s dealer show. The X-Force Poly plow blade is constructed of super tough, scratch resistant, and completely corrosion proof plastic material with molded in cross bracing and stiffening ribs. About the only way to destroy the Poly plow blade is to eventually wear it out or to burn it. The blade design features more arc for better snow “rollover” and, at 21 inches, is significantly taller than comparable length steel blades, making them ideal for use on UTVs. A secondary benefit is 30% less weight. Cycle Country still maintains their lineup of 12 ga. steel blades as well, but whether pushing a steel or X-Force Poly blade, the preferred mounting method Cycle Country likes to use is a 2 inch front receiver, either from the factory or as a bolt on accessory. For models that don’t allow for the 2 inch receiver mounting, Cycle Country offers an underbody mid mount system that attaches to the frame. When the plow system is removed, the mid frame mounts remain out of the way and do not cause ground clearance loss.vendor.2011.cycle-county.atv-snowplow.rear_.jpg

Cycle Country X-Force Poly Plow Quick Features

Available in widths from 52 to 72 inches wide
Made of: Poly with RibCore Technology
Replaceable Wear bar: 3″ Double-Sided
Taller than Steel Blades & 30% lighter
Corrosion proof
Raised and lowered by winch
All X-Force blades are covered by the industry’s only Limited Lifetime Blade Warranty


The best thing about Swisher plows is that they are very competitively priced and there are plenty of places to get one. The plow we installed came from Cabelas, but getting one home is only half the story.

Instructions on the box said the plow was universal and designed to fit nearly any ATV, which immediately raises the hair on the back of our neck. Usually when the instructions claim “universal fit”, it means we’ll be using almost every tool we own, and it will almost certainly be a compromise to fit it on anything; almost like trying to wedge an exhaust for a Dodge truck on our Ford F-150. With the Swisher plow, the instructions referenced the John Deere Buck ATV– mercifully no longer in production. Our biggest complaint is the mounting brackets in their Universal Mounting Kit immediately bind the front suspension. Rather than bolting to the frame, Swisher’s universal instructions call for bolting the mounting brackets to the lower A-Arms, effectively nullifying any pivoting movement by bolting a cross member between the right and left sides.


We understand the appeal of a universal mounting kit both from a manufacturing standpoint and for dealers to carry one “fits all” part. We also realize it takes time and money to tool up for every model of ATV, but it’s not that difficult either since most OEMS carry a common chassis platform across their utility ATV lineup. Can-Am uses their SST frame, Yamaha uses the Grizzly chassis, Polaris has used the Sportsman chassis forever, etc. If the customer buys a product, they expect it to fit, work well, and not create other problems such as suspension bind, and all that requires is good design. We know the Swisher people can do better.

Swisher’s UTV plow thankfully relies on a 2” front receiver and their Universal Mount Kit. If your UTV does not come equipped with a front 2” receiver, Swisher offers a “universal” front 2” receiver that bolts to the UTV, and mates with their Universal Mount kit. Even Einstein couldn’t have anticipated this much Universe at one point in space or time.

Swisher Plow and Universal Quickswitch Mount Kit

Plow can be installed and removed from mount without the use of tools
Rugged 50″ multi-purpose steel plow for a wide swath. 62” for UTVs
Plow has 18″-24″ lift height for clearance, depending on model and tire size
Plow angle can be adjusted from the seated position
Unique dual-locking angle position holds plow where you set it
Reversible and replaceable cutting edge
Can be used with winch, or optional manual lift


The WARN people have been building plows for ATVs and UTVs for many years, and their latest generation PROVANTAGE plow system is designed to be versatile, durable, and offer excellent snow moving capability. They’re easy and quick to connect and built from quality, heavy duty components. Every Warn plow system is specifically designed for the load of an ATV or UTV, and Warn prefers the front mount system with quick release pins for fast hookup. When in use, the Warn blades can be lifted with either a winch or the plow lift actuator on ATVs, but with UTVs a winch is required to handle the heavier load of a larger plow.

All Warn ATV plows feature a durable steel blade and an oversized Power Pivot bushing system to angle the blade, which can be changed from the seat. The advantage of the oversized pivot bushing is more wear resistance. The Warn UTV plows rely on a different pivot instead, however, due to their increased loads.vendor.2011.warn_.atv-snowplow.jpg

Warn Provantage Plow Quick Features

Blade Width – from 50 to 72 inches
Blade Design – tapered or straight
ATV Blade Material: 12 Gauge Steel
UTV Blade Material: 11 Gauge Steel
ATV Lifting Mechanism: Optional Linear Actuator or Winch
UTV Lifting Mechanism: Optional Winch
Winch and actuator mounts included with frame
Frame mounting system with quick release pins
No ground clearance loss when plow removed
All parts powder coated for corrosion protection

OEM Plows

Accessories that come straight from the OEM are usually held to a higher standard than most aftermarket parts. After all, the engineering team that designed the ATV or UTV has all the data to design a properly fitting part, and it becomes an extension of the overall design. When the manufacturer is also a snowmobile maker up to their chilled necks in snow for half the year, you can bet they know how to work with snow!vendor.2011.polaris-glacier.atv-snowplow.jpg

Polaris Glacier Plow 

The Polaris plow we installed last season fit on our Sportsman XP 550 perfectly! The ATV was prewired for the winch to control blade height, all necessary electrical connections were ready to go, the mounting brackets bolted on easily, and the plow can be installed or removed in seconds! Overall quality is excellent and, whether in snow or dirt, the plow did an excellent job. Its down-to-business steel and straight blades with the Polaris plow, and just as Mr. Ford once quipped, “You can get it in any color as long as it’s black.” Whether on an ATV or Ranger, they get the job done. You won’t go wrong with this one!

Can-Am / BRP State or Straight Plow

BRP is offering two blade versions of snow throwing equipment designed to give Mother Nature a beat down. Choose either a traditional straight blade, or the arced “State” plow designed to throw the white fluff well into the neighbor’s drive. We really like the rubber flap at the top of the State model which helps deflect flying snow away from the rider. Mounting systems bolt to the bottom of the chassis and look almost like an accessory skid plate and require no frame drilling. Quick-release pins attach and detach the plow blade and base assembly in a matter of minutes, and the plows can be used with or without the Quick Attach System.

Arctic Cat

Living a significant part of the year with snow on the ground is a given in Thief River Falls, and the Arctic Cat people were quick to put their ATVs to work cleaning it up. Once again, the ability to integrate vehicle and accessory engineering together results in an excellent product that fits like it was made for the vehicle because it was!

Arctic Cat offers 3 different plow designs: a one way tapered blade, a two way tapered blade, and even a straight blade that can be had in different colors! Mounting brackets attach to the ATVs frame for optimum strength, and both tapered blade styles offer a heavy duty, high strength steel blade with 3” wear bars and adjustable skids. The straight blade plow is made from a super tough, high density polyethylene over a steel structure, and all models of Arctic Cat plows require a standard push frame. All plows are raised and lowered by an accessory winch.

March 17, 2011

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