Clean, Treat and Protect with XPS Carb Free

Clean, Treat and Protect with XPS Carb Free

vendor.2014.can-am.xps-carbon-free-fuel-treatment.jpgValcourt, QC, March 14, 2014  – XPS Carbon Free is a combination fuel treatment and fuel system cleaner that can be used periodically to maintain fuel system integrity and keep internal engine parts clean, in addition to serving as a fuel stabilizer during storage periods. 

“XPS Carbon Free is designed to help keep Rotax engines running like new,” said BRP’s Sebastien Madore. “The great thing is it’s also a fuel treatment, so it’s like getting two products in one bottle.” 

Carbon Free treats fuel when vehicles go into storage and addresses the moisture problems inherent in today’s Ethanol-blended fuels, keeping ferrous and soft metal parts clean and free of corrosion. Carbon Free also softens and breaks down carbon deposits and allows them to be burned and expelled out the exhaust through the combustion process. It also cleans valves, sticky rings and the combustion chamber. 

Carbon Free can be added to the fuel system on a regular basis and especially prior to storage to ensure like-new run quality in any 2- or 4-cycle engine including BRP Rotax engines. Carbon Free details: 

  • Uses patented, state-of-the-art additive
  • Ethanol compatible – addresses problems associated with Ethanol including phase separation
  • Cleans valves, sticky rings and combustion chamber
  • Softens and dissolves carbon deposits
  • Prevents fuel system gum and varnish
  • 1oz. treats one gallon of fuel

BRP is repackaging Carbon Free in white bottles so customers can more readily identify the product. XPS Carbon Free is available at authorized Ski-Doo, Can-Am off-road, Sea-Doo and Can-Am Spyder dealers.