Cover Up – DOWCO Cover

Cover Up – DOWCO Cover all the ATV and UTV accessories, covers have one of the most important jobs but get the least amount of attention. They’re practically the Rodney Dan-gerfield of the powersports world. A good cover can make a huge difference in protecting your machine from everything from pesky birds, to road salt, and even sun fade. Recently we tried a cover called the GUARDIAN from DOWCO which, in our eyes, paints the impression of an armed sentry standing watch over our machine, ready to fend off all attackers.

DOWCO has been making covers for all types of vehicles for over 35 years. You don’t make anything that long without getting very, very good at it, and after trying the Guardian cover it’s obvious this cover is meant to last. Most of the time our machines are housed snug in our garage, as safe as if you were in grandmothers guest room. Not always though. On occasion we’ll leave them outside, and the next day they’re usually covered in dew, leaves, or even snow. The Guardian cover is ready to take on all of that.

The Dowco Guardian covers are made of a heavy fabric that is treated for UV fade protection, but also moisture resistance. A built in vent system helps the cover and your machine stay dry inside which is a big part in eliminating any mildew or mold. We were also happy to find grommets in key areas, clips to fasten the cover securely around the bottom of our machine, and even a drawstring for pulling everything tightly up to our RZR 800. It’s a well thought out

After a night in the snow it was nice to be able to pull the cover off our RZR and not have to clear snow from the seats. The Dowco Guardian cover can be used when hauling your machine on a trailer as well, but be sure to use all bottom clips and the draw string, preferably under the trailer tie downs to help keep every-thing in place. ATVs and Side x Sides look so much better not covered in road salt. About the only way to hurt the Guardian cover is to burn it, but to help keep it in top shape DOWCO recommends the following:

  • Keep dirt, leaves and other debris from accumulating on the fabric surface.
  • Wash it on a sunny day with a garden hose if needed
  • For heavy dirt use a soft brush and mild soap
  • Never use bleach
  • Do not try to stuff into your washing machine, or use a steam cleaner.
  • Let it dry thoroughly after a wash

The Dowco Guardian cover is a welcome piece of equipment and we’ve been very happy with ours. Our machines look much better thanks to the added protection.

August 6, 2014

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