CRKT and James Williams release a mission-proven knife that’s ready to be transported anywhere.

CRKT and James Williams release a mission-proven knife that’s ready to be transported anywhere.


vendor.2014.crkt.shizuka-noh-ken.knife.jpgTualatin, Oregon, U.S.A.— November 3, 2014 The company announced today that it is releasing the new Shizuka noh Ken™. A new compact version of the famous Otanashi noh Ken™ tactical knife, it features a Samurai style blade and the manual LAWKS® safety innovation to perform its duty at the highest levelwhen you need it most. 

James  Williams  of  Encinitas,  CA  is  the  designer  behind  the  Shizuka  noh  Ken™.  A  veteran  and  martial  arts practitioner/instructor, his knives have been staples for military Special Forces and tactical Law Enforcement professionals around the world. The new compact version is easier to carry, more concealable, and is the perfect complement to your personal defense tools. In use by Special Operations warriors even before its introduction to the public, this design has proven extremely effective in high-risk environments.

The knife, that’s name translates to “hidden blade”, features a classic Osaraku style blade shape madefamous by  the  16th  century  Samurai  warlord  Takeda  Shingen. This  clip  point  blade  design  provides  you  with  an efficient and effective cutting tool and shows up when called upon for deep penetrating and slashing duties. At 3.75” it’s the perfect size for practical defense security wherever it’s put to use. 

Structural integrity is paramount with this blade while it’s putting anything else at risk. That’s whythe knife comes with the manual LAWKS® safety innovation. LAWKS® sets a pin against the frame lock, creating a virtual fixed blade that is safer and less likely to fail than most locks in hard use situations. Justfully deploy the blade, slide the LAWKS® lever forward to engage thesafety system and its game on. When you’re done, slide the lever back, disengage the frame lock, and fold the blade into the closed position.

The  Shizuka  noh  Ken™  also  comes  with  a  G10  handle  for  unmatched  grip  and  a  clip  that  allows  for  deep inconspicuous carry. You’d expect nothing less froma designer who has extensive classical Samurai training. 

When you need a tactical folding knife that’s compact in size but packed with defensive power against any bad guys, reach for the Shizuka noh Ken™.

The knife is exclusively available at Blade through January, 2015. 

Also Available: Otanashi noh Ken™ and Otanashi noh Ken™ with Veff Serrations™. 

The Shizuka noh Ken™ knife manufacturer’s suggestedretail price is $140.00. 



Blade:  Edge: Plain 

Length: 3.670” (93.2 mm) 

Steel: AUS8 

Thickness: 0.150” (3.8 mm) 

Finish: Black Corrosion Resistant Coating 

Closed:  4.550” (115.6 mm) 

Open:  8.250” (209.5 mm) 

Weight:  4.2 oz. (119.0 g) 

Handle:  Black G10 

Style:  Folding Knife w/Frame Lock 

U.S. Patent No. 5,596.808 

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