Dalton Industries 2015+ Polaris 900 RZR Clutch Kit

Dalton Industries 2015+ Polaris 900 RZR Clutch Kit

vendor.2014.dalton.polaris-rzr900.clutch-kit.JPGThe standard clutch version (non ebs) of the 900 RZR / RZR S is quite well calibrated from the factory. Testing of the vehicle showed that for most typical trail / mixed use of the vehicle with stock (and most 26- 27″) tires, the stock clutch calibration was fine and no clutch kit is necessary. For many, that means, save your money.

This kit can be used when it is for sand dune use, or to help with power losses from higher elevations that are typically above 4000 ft.

For 27″ heavy mud type ( that measure a full 27″ tall and are heavy versions) and all 28″+ sizes, this kit is used. The instruction manual has a “set up guide” that shows how to set up the kit for your application.

DUV P9RZ-15 

Standard, non-EBS

Suggested list price $339


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