Dalton Industries DMT 500C

Dalton Industries DMT 500C

vendor.2011.dalton.springs-and-spacers.jpg 07-10 CF Moto 500 4×4 Utility ( also as Moose Tracker Canada)

New kit with complete drop-in roller assemblies

DMT 500C
Suggested list price $169 CAD / $169 USD

A new kit that contains complete drop-in roller assemblies. This kit is designed to re-calibrate the shift pattern to help recover some of the losses from installing oversized tires. Bottom and midrange acceleration and performance are greatly improved. Also aids in performance when operating at higher elevations. This kit can be used with stock or oversized tires, however, when used with stock tires at low elevation it can cause a slight loss ( 1-2 mph) of top speed.