DEI Flexible TitaniumTM Pipe Shield with LR TechnologyTM Now Available for PowerSports Applications

DEI Flexible TitaniumTM Pipe Shield with LR TechnologyTM Now Available for PowerSports Applications Lake, OH (August 15th, 2014)… DEI now offers a better form of protection from searing exhaust heat. Thinking beyond the traditional stainless steel or carbon fiber heat shields, DEI developed a flexible heat shield solution that outperforms other shields available today. This enhanced performance starts by joining two durable materials together forming a dual-layer design. The outer layer is made from pulverized and stranded lava rock (Basalt) made into a proprietary tightly woven weave for durability and strength. The inside material is made of a special high temperature resistant fabric (89% silica) designed to withstand 350 degrees more heat than glass fiber. It’s then finished off with stainless steel offsets and heavy duty rivets. The result is a product with unmatched thermal performance and good up to 1350°F, finished off with a pleasing titanium colored finish. This proprietary fiber technology combined with DEI’s unique shield standoff bracket design provides an air gap between the shield and pipe that together provides the maximum potential for cooling and heat dissipation.

In addition to external applications protecting legs and boots, Titanium Pipe Shields can also be used as a barrier between the exhaust and plastic bodywork, suspension components, or electrical harnesses. They will fit many applications and because the shield remains flexible, it can be installed onto just about any pipe shape or diameter.

There are several different sizes to choose from in order to provide the correct amount of protection. The two smaller sizes 4”x8” (part #902453) and 4”x12” (part #902454) are ideal for most 2 and 4 wheel PowerSport applications. They are also available in larger 6”x12”, 6”x24” and 6”x36” sizes and are ideal for Jeeps, 4X4’s, and buggies where protection from extreme heat would improve performance or protect sensitive components. 

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