DP Brakes offering high durability brake pads for Can Am UTV’s and SxS’s.

DP Brakes offering high durability brake pads for Can Am UTV’s and SxS’s.

logo.2012.dp-brakes.jpgBUFFALO, NY. – DP Brakes, the developer of the original sintered brake pad, and industry leader in sintered metal braking technology, has expanded their line of highly durable sintered brake pads to the growing number of Can Am UTV’s and “side-by-side’s” being manufactured today.

Larry Mills, president of DP Brakes North America said, “With the added demand of after market parts for these machines we felt it necessary to offer an upgrade to their braking system.”

Mills added, “DP Brakes’ is continuing our strong representation in ATV racing, and we are now expanding into UTV sponsorship as well.”

According to Mills, Team UXC Racing’s Michael Swift has now crossed over to the UTV class.

Swift said, “I had a chance to run the new DP Brake Pads on my 2012 Can Am Outlander UTV and was very impressed with the performance under extreme pressure I was demanding from them.”

He added, “What surprised me the most was that I had approximately 75 percent of pad life still left. Before using DP, I could not even finish a race on a set of stock pads. This is why we now run DP Brakes.”

Mills stated that the new part numbers for the 2012-13 Can Am Commander’s are the DP515 and DP516.

“With the continued success of our longer lasting DP Standard Brake Pads, we felt that we needed to expand our line into the growing number of UTV’s and “side-by-side’s” being offered today,” said Mills.

Mills added, “Not only does the customer experience longer lasting performance, but our brake pads are non-abusive to the rotor. In addition, they are very quiet. There is nothing more frustrating than noisy brakes.”

For more information on the complete line-up of DP brake pads, shoes, clutch kits, and rotors contact DP Brakes North American Headquarters/Tony Mills International Inc. at 4401 Walden Avenue, Lancaster, NY 14086, (716) 681-8806, or visit them on the web at www.dp-brakes.com.

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