DR® Power Equipment Introduces New ATV Attachments this April!

DR® Power Equipment Introduces New ATV Attachments this April!


 DR®  Power Equipment Introduces New ATV Attachments this April!

Vergennes, VT (February 15, 2017 for April 2017 Launch) – DR Power Equipment (a Generac® Company), for 30 years the industry leader in professional-grade power equipment for homeowners, has announced its April 2017 launch of the most complete line-up ever of tow-behind implements for ATV and UTV owners.

“Lots of companies carry a few ATV attachments,” says company President, Matt Bieber. “But with our existing line of truly unique tow-behind DR tools, we saw the opportunity to add to it, creating perhaps the first ever one-stop shopping experience for ATV owners.” 

“We offer all of our specialized tow-behind tools for property maintenance — Field and Brush

Mowers, Finish Mowers, Trimmer/Mowers, Tillers, Power Graders, heavy-duty Dump Trailers, Lawn Sweepers, and Power Sprayers; and now we have added a full line ATV tools specifically designed for small scale farming.” 

The company’s new ATV Attachments line will also include a full new line of tow-behind

Cultivators, Drag Harrows, Disc Harrows, Cultipackers, Receiver/Spreaders, and Landscape Rakes — everything an ATV owner might need to grow food, or to create food plots to attract game. 

“ATV attachments are a natural for us,” says Bieber, “since more than half of our current customers already own an ATV or UTV. They’ve already made the bigger investment, so adding a work attachment or two is an efficient way for them to get more value out of their vehicle.”

The ATV/UTV market is robust, with well over 500,000 units sold each year. Research shows that a large segment of ATV and UTV owners are using their units for general chore and property maintenance along with recreation.  DR Power believes that there is a market opportunity in offering property care tools which help ATV and UTV owners get the most out of their machines. Since the introduction of the DR Trimmer/Mower in 1987, DR Power has been dedicated to improving the experience of caring for country properties. The expansion of ATV towable equipment is a natural development of DR Power’s core product lines.

In keeping with the company’s one-stop shopping theme, all of these implements are available online at factory-direct prices with free shipping (some limitations apply) and come with 6-month home trials. 

Beginning in April 2017, information on the all new DR ATV Attachments HQ, including its completely new line of small-scale farming tools, will be available at www.DRpower.com/ATV.

DR® Power Equipment, a division of Country Home Products, Inc.(a Generac® company), the premier developer and marketer of professional-grade outdoor equipment for residential use, was founded in 1985 in Charlotte, Vermont.  Today it occupies three facilities and employs 220 people. For more information, visit the web site at www.drpower.com.


DR®  Power Equipment sells products factory-direct and through a network of over 500 dealers; a free catalog can be ordered at 802-877-1200, or obtained online at www.drpower.com.