DragonFire RT Seats For Serious Players

DragonFire RT Seats For Serious Players


DragonFire RT Seats For Serious Players

Chandler, Arizona, June 15, 2016 —  

“We first expanded our seat lineup to include the XL seats for riders with 40+ inch waist sizes,” says DragonFire Sales & Marketing Manager Megan Dible. “Now we are proud to announce another DragonFire game changer for serious players, the RT Series of performance seats.” The best just got better!

“Both our original GT and XL series of HighBack seats upgrade the stock versions without compromising the OEM slider/adjustment capabilities,” she explains. “However the HighBack RT seats combine improved functionality with high style.” The RT and GT seats come in Black and three color accent options: Black/Red, Black/Blue and Black/Titanium.

“Hot rodders know that the R/T designation has been used by Dodge since the 1960s,” she adds. If you are not a Mopar maniac, the R/T models get upgraded performance components and special trim packages. “Like the cars, DragonFire RT seats are a performance upgrade for the Race/Trail crowd.”


RT seats bolt directly to the OEM base plate, making installation a breeze! Complementing the RT seats are the new DragonFire DoorBags. These bags get color-matched trim to match the new seats, along with plush knee pad bolsters and zippered storage compartments. 


  • Wide slotted for harness mounting
  • Vented rear section for drainage
  • Heavy duty color-matched stitching
  • Retention of the factory slider on applicable models
  • 4 Color options to choose from – Black, Blue, Red and Titanium
  • Removable seat cushion
  • Reduced side bolsters to make ingress and egress easier
  • Works with O.E. seat belts and 4 or 5 point harnesses
  • Higher seating position provides additional leg room and increased forward visibility
  • Pair with DragonFire Harnesses and a Quick Release Steering Wheel Kit for maximum comfort
  • Heavy duty seat base available, 15-1111, sold separately
  • Made in the USA

Get more specifics of the RT Seat at http://www.dragonfireracing.com/category/19/seating or via your Tucker Rocky rep.





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