Dragonfire’s Readyforce Re-Airs

Dragonfire’s Readyforce Re-Airs

vendor.2013.dragonfire.booth.jpgMesa, AZ September 4, 2013 — If you missed DragonFire’s latest “Project X” build on the Destination Polaris TV show earlier this year, it is time to set your DVR for the repeat of the ReadyForce episode that airs this Sunday, September 8th, on Fox Sports Net. The third rig built for the popular TV show is the biggest, most ambitious DragonFire build to date and based on a Polaris Ranger rather than the RZR of previous seasons. 

“Research indicates the vast majority of UTVs are actually used for ‘utility’ applications rather than racing,” says DragonFire Social Media Manager Chris Moore. “So this time around, we concentrated on real world practicality rather than adding some bling to a RZR racer.” 

If you missed the ReadyForce debut, things to watch for in this episode include full exoskeletal protection, revised StepUp running boards and more. “We say ReadyForce is the right tool for the job… no matter what that job may be,” adds Moore. 

Unlike previous seasons, Destination Polaris is now shown on Fox Sports Net. The show now reaches more than 70 million homes each Sunday at 11:30 a.m. and re-airs on Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. (all times local). “We are literally doubling up as all markets are scheduled to air each episode a minimum of two times,” explains show host Jared Christie. “As the first episode of this season DragonFire kicks off the re-air effort for programming that made its debut in April.” 

For those folks fortunate enough to be in the Southern California area, DragonFire is bringing the ReadyForce rig to the Sand Sports Super Show. The Project X Ranger will be on display at the Orange County Fairgrounds from September 20-22, 2013. “See it on TV or better yet in person at SSSS, but don’t miss our ReadyForce rig if you want to see a real utility machine,” concludes Moore. 

More info about the Sand Sports Show can be found at www.sandsportssupershow.com/ and Destination Polaris details can be found at the www.destinationpolaris.com website. Speaking of websites, don’t forget to check out www.dragonfireracing.com as well as “Like” DragonFire on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DragonFireRacing