DRR Launches New Redesigned Dirt Bike Line Up For 2015

DRR Launches New Redesigned Dirt Bike Line Up For 2015

Brunswick, Ohio – DRR USA is the leading manufacture of youth ATV’s & Dirt bikes over the last fifteen years winning over 67 National Championships. Our 2015 DB-JR has several performance up grades which provides the consumer with improved performance, better suspension travel, and additional safety. These features create the best beginner dirt bike in the country.

We start by giving you the best overall value for starting your little riders journey and have added an aluminum swing arm to reduce weight. Newer Dual disk brakes for improved stopping power (best in class). Relocated the air box and added Twin Air filters for better throttle response and a cleaner engine.

In addition to those great features, the DB-50 SR model has all new BETA engine which makes it the next step in your riders experience with a better suspension and just a little more go.

In addition we have completely rebuilt the DB50SR from the ground up. New chassis, longer shock travel, larger front tire, upgraded to the newer BETA style engine with a Delorto round slide carburetor and increase the HP all of this for thousands of dollars less than the competitor.

With seven models of ATV’s & Dirt bikes, you can be sure your little rider has a vast amount of options. When it comes to choosing which DRR, you’ll be winning your championships on one of them

Important Safety Information

DRR recommends that all riders take a training course and read their owner’s manual thoroughly before operation of the new vehicle.

Call your local DRR Dealer or find one at www.drrusa.com

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