Durhamtown Off-road Park

Durhamtown Off-road Park

location.2012.durhamtown.polaris.ranger.riding.on-track.jpgIt has been one year this Christmas since 23 yrs old Stephen took his 1st step after his accident at Durhamtown.  He crashed on his bike checking the tracks and trails for maintenance Oct 31 2011, after 6 weeks in a coma with a Traumatic Brain Injury,  he regained conscious and began recovery at the Shephard Center in Atlanta.  While there he met several other bike victims he has now recovered approx 90% and is back working at Durhamtown assisting with the everyday activities.   He has not returned to his dirtbike “yet” but plans to in the near future.

He has met many former injured riders here at Durhamtown with similar injuries and has realized how much he is fortunate.  He wants to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts during his accident. 

He is a miracle of God.

Durhamtown is seeing the rapidly expanding market of the Side by Sides every month. We are seeing many new units arrive every weekend at Durhamtown to enjoy the trails and tracks, most have many family members riding with them. 

The SxS market  is allowing families of all ages and abilities to enjoy the outdoors together.  We often see several models in the same family and the saying is  “A Cage with Age”  this is so true … Many owners still have the competitive urges still in their blood  but can no longer afford the long painful recoveries from dirt bikes or ATV crashes the harness system and cage give them the security of reduced injuries while still racing.   Durhamtown offers all opportunities to enjoy your SxS with over 100 miles of trails  some are technical and some are fast and furious, all are one way trails and everyone can follow along on bike or ATV.  As we see the market growing we are adding more trails suitable for the larger and smaller side by sides.  We also host several types of race courses from the 11 mile endurance races  lasting 3 hours in the the darkness requiring  lights to the GP/ Baja Style track that is wide with rolling jumps and high banked turns.  We are now building a new 5 mile course for shorter sprint racing with 5 double lane sections for passing in the trails.  

Durhamtown offers a flat oval track and drag strip for challenging your friends with anything with wheels. We also have 2 jeep/ 4×4 parks that are also open only to SxS’s; no bikes or ATVs allowed in them.

Durhamtown has become one of the top destinations in the southeast to bring your family and friends to enjoy the fastest growing segment of the off road market. We will continue to add more features every season check out our facebook and website, or ATV Illustrated for all upcoming events and activities. We offer over 200 full service RV hook ups and 65 cabins, restaurant, service / repair/ tire centers, and the largest ProShop in the southeast for off road products.