Edge Products presents the X2 off road buggy.

Edge Products presents the X2 off road buggy.

Edge Products presents the X2 off road buggy.

The X2, based on the race bred Edge Barracuda has evolved into a two seat buggy. More than 25 years of Mini buggy design, development & thousands of buggies manufactured has resulted in the X2, a chunky & aggressive long travel buggy that can be built at home and enjoyed with friends & family.

Following the success of the single seat Barracuda buggy Edge responded to popular calls for a two seat race-ready high performance off-roader. The X2 is the result, featuring a larger tougher chassis and upgraded driveline while retaining the Barracuda’s great handling and high-strength roll cage.


Double A-Arm suspension on all corners keeps the wheels on the ground and the handling tidy. Rodend camber and caster adjustment allows for the full range of race tuning, and 20” of front wheel travel soaks up the biggest hits. The X2 suspension geometry takes the best of the championshipwinning Barracuda while improving high-speed stability and corner exit traction. The X2 finds the perfect combination of rally-style handling while floating over the roughest of the rough. Four-piston Wilwood brakes bring the X2 up short, grabbing 312mm (12.2”) rotors. The CV2 rear suspension and driveline unit features 14” of wheel travel to get the power to the ground and utilises Porsche 930 CV joints for ultimate reliability. The drivetrain mates well with a big-bore street bike engine like the 200+ hp Suzuki Hayabusa, giving the X2 a power to weight ratio most off-roaders only dream of. The six-speed sequential transmission winds the X2 up to over 200 km/h (125 mph).


If you thought this kind of performance was only available as a factory vehicle though, think again. Like all Edge buggies the X2 can be built at home – rolling kitsets are available which just need a motor and assembly, and for the garage builder there are comprehensive plans which detail the full vehicle fabrication from scratch. Regardless of skill level, the X2 brings racing buggy performance within anyone’s reach.

More information on the X2 can be found here: https://theedgeproducts.com/collections/thex21

All Edge buggies, parts and plans are available at the Edge website: https://theedgeproducts.com/


X2 Specifications:


RHS section floor, full round tube chassis & tubular roll cage structure


Quick turn racing rack & pinion with electric power steering.


Road bike engines, water cooled (chain drive type) from 1000cc to 1400cc


Motorcycle 6 speed sequential Gearbox

Front Suspension

Double “A” Arm independent, Rod end adjustable camber & castor with coil-over shocks, 500mm,

(20”) wheel travel Rear Suspension

Double “A” Arm independent, 930 CV axles, Rod end adjustable camber & toe settings with coil-over shocks, 400mm, (16”) wheel travel Driveline

530 chain driving centre cartridge & Porsche 930 CV’s

Brakes Front

312mm disc rotor on each wheel with four piston hydraulic caliper

Brakes Rear

312mm disc rotor on each wheel with four piston hydraulic caliper

Front Wheels

30x7x15” tyres on 15×5” rims

Rear Wheels 30×9.5 x15 Tyres on 15×7” rims

Overall Length 3390mm (133”) (outside of tyre to outside of tyre) Overall Width 1933mm (76”) (outside of tyre to outside of tyre) Overall Height 1616mm (63”) (ground to top of rollbar) Track (rear)  1646mm (64”) (hub face to hub face) Track (front)

1756mm (69”) (hub face to hub face) Wheelbase

2620mm (103”) (centre of axle to centre of axle)

Approx. Weight

520-570kg, (1250 lb) Ground Clearance Minimum 300mm (12”) 618mm clearance at nose (24”)

Top Speed

120-200+  kph, (75 – 125+ mph) depending on engine type & gearing.


0-100 kph, (60mph) in 5.5 seconds


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