The great thing about a Side x Side is you can haul a cooler, camping gear, tools, or practically anything else in the rear box.  The bad part is, all your valuable stuff is still exposed to the same mud, dust, and grit from the trail, and nobody likes sliding into a gritty sleeping bag.  Truck companies solved that problem years ago with bed covers, but only now has one company created a solution for Side x Sides.


When the owner of the company is also a rider you can bet the products will work.  Rick Ott is not only a rider but also the owner of EMP – or Extreme Metal Products – a full service metal working facility outside Cleveland, Ohio.  They’ve got the equipment to cut, form, and fabricate just about anything, and we’ve always had great results with EMP parts.  A weekend riding adventure with our Polaris General 1000 gave us the perfect opportunity to try out one of EMPs new products.  


Unlike most truck bed covers that roll out and Velcro down, the EMP Bed Cover is a hard cover that fastens down to the bed, then folds on a set of hinges for loading / unloading your gear.  Details of the EMP Bed Cover are:

  • Made from thermoformed plastic with stiffening ribs built in.
  • Requires few simple tools for installation
  • Vehicle specific and not a generic, “one size fits all” design
  • 4” taller than box sides
  • Flip open top provides clear access
  • Made In Cleveland, Ohio

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The UPS driver delivered our new box inside a box, and it didn’t take long to figure out how to do the installation.  It takes very little time to install the EMP bed cover, and even taking our time we were ready to ride in less than a half hour.  Clever design takes full advantage of the pockets already molded into the Generals bed, and this allows the cover to be mounted cleanly and securely with no special tools!  Rubber expansion plugs slip down into the holes on the top of the stock bed, and retaining brackets on the underside of the cover center it and keep it in place.  

With the cover installed and the top flipped back, a full-sized cooler easily slides inside, and one great feature is the tailgate can still be opened, even with the cover down. The bed still retains its full ability to tilt and dump with the cover on as well.  Cup holders are formed into the bed top, which is a very nice touch for holding your drink at camp, or for breaks along the trail.  Best of all, anything you haul in the back is extremely well protected.  When the cover is down and the tailgate is closed, brackets inside the EMP Bed Cover keep it from popping open along the trail. 

EMP likes to say the Bed Cover is merely “water resistant”.  We’ll go one further and say as long as you keep the vehicle right side up, it is all but water proof!  It even gives our General a more refined, finished look!  We love it!

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EMP part no.  # 13156      Msrp:   $289.99



4770 Briar Road, Cleveland, OH 44135

Phone:  216-267-3900           Mon-Fri 8:00am- 4:30pm (EDT)


October 17, 2018

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