Extreme Metal Products Kawasaki MULE PRO-FX Aluminum Top

Extreme Metal Products Kawasaki MULE PRO-FX Aluminum Top


Kawasaki MULE PRO-FX Aluminum Top

P/N: EMP-13440

Fits: 2015-2017 Kawasaki MULE PRO-FX Aluminum Top


This will fit the 2 seat model only, not the 4 seat models.

Laser cut from nearly 1/8” Thick Aluminum.

Powder Coated- Texture Black.

Includes: Mounting Hardware.

Front and rear rain gutter divert water to the sides.

Only adds about ¼” to the height of the MULE PRO-FX, unlike plastic tops that adds as much a 3” to the overall height.

Made in the USA.


Protect the driver and passenger from the rain and sun. This thick aluminum top is stylish and functional. Front and rear rain gutters divert the rain water to the sides.

Pictured with the EMP Hard-Coated windshield P/N: 13439, Rear Bumper P/N 13445, and Winch Mount P/N 13442.

We reserve the right to make modifications/improvements to our products at any time. Vehicles may have changes throughout the year. Therefore, pictures are a representation of the product you will be getting but may vary due to product revisions.


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