Factory Upgrade – Commander Swaybar

Factory Upgrade – Commander Swaybar

2011.can-am.commander.black_.front-left.riding.on-sand_0.jpgIf you’re the owner of a Can-Am Commander you have a lot to be happy about. In all of our miles and testing with our Commander we haven’t found much negative to say about them. They have great power, excellent ergonomics, and over-the-top features that put many other UTVs in the runner-up position. The handling of the Commander is also very good, but several times we did wish that the base and XT packages had the precise steering and flat cornering of the X package. Fortunately, that flat handling is only as far away as your local dealership.

For those wanting more responsive steering feel and less body roll from their Commander, BRP has just what you need. Because the A-arms and chassis are common between the different models, you can easily add the anti-sway bar from the X package to your base or XT Commander and BRP has put all of the parts together in an all-inclusive kit, part number 715001125. Buying all of the parts separately would be quite costly, but the kit retails for a modest $124.99 and includes everything you need to install it except for the tools and a beverage.

Installation can be done in well under an hour, and the only tools we used were a large flat blade screwdriver, and a 17mm and 14mm ratchet wrench. We took the wheels off for the photos but you really wouldn’t even have to do that. The bar assembly slides easily through the chassis and the mounting hardware is simple to understand and install. The hardest part of the whole job is getting the one-piece bushings to snap over the bar itself. (That’s where the large flat blade screwdriver came in handy.)

Once installed, you’ll be able to carve corners in your Commander with much more ease and confidence. For its $124.99 price tag the Commander Swaybar kit is an excellent value for the performance it returns.

2011.can-am.commander.replacement-swaybar.close-up.jpg 2011.can-am.commander.installing-swaybar.close-up.jpg

July 14, 2011

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