Whether you ride on two wheels or four, the most important piece of safety gear you must wear is a quality helmet.  The second most important is a good pair of goggles.  They both protect about the only parts of your carcass that are almost impossible to put back together.  Recently we were able to check out a new line of goggles from FLOWVISION and we like what we see.

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There are goggles with clear lenses, tinted lenses, and holographic image lenses but the most important features are how they fit and the field of vision.  Some goggle maker’s glue on multiple layers of foam, but that only pushes the frame further from face, effectively creating a tunnel vision effect.  Too much foam can also increase pressure on the nose, which restricts your air intake, and just like with our motor, we want all the unrestricted air flow we can get. 

When it comes to goggle design, experience counts, and with decades of track and trail miles behind them, the makers of FlowVision Rythem™ goggles know exactly what works and what doesn’t.  The FlowVision Rythem goggles are built with several key features including: 

  • The UV400 REVO mirrored lens is pre-curved to hold its shape without optical distortion caused by flexing. Three times thicker than competing goggles, it offers extra protection as well.
  • Outrigger Performance system isolates helmet strap from goggle frame, insuring consistent fit.
  • Boundary ventilation system helps with cooling
  • Triple layer foam insures comfort and a consistent fit against face.  Inner foam layer prevents chafing.  
  • Relaxed fit around nose does not inhibit breathing
  • Removable Nose Guard adds protection and rider comfort
  • Moisture wicking foam allows for maximum sweat absorption.
  • 45mm Wide, Anti-slip, 3D Embroidered strap with fade resistant graphics
  • Metal tear-off pins are built into the lens!
  • Cost effective!   Premium features for $56

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Obstacles on the trail come quickly.  The FlowVision Rythem goggles filtered and shaded lens makes it much easier to pick out details along the trail ahead.  The performance is literally, eye-opening.  They’re MUCH easier on the eyes than ordinary, unfiltered or clear goggles, and even under full sun our eyes felt zero strain.  Colors are not really enhanced, but you see them more clearly, with no distortion.

The Rythem goggles fit comfortably on the nose and didn’t restrict breathing thanks to extra room in the nose area.  The goggles frame is made from flexible urethane that forms to the contour of your face, and the strap is attached to the frame by FlowVisions Outrigger Performance hinge.  On most helmets the strap pulls the frame away from your face, creating air gaps, but with the Outrigger system, that can’t happen.  Think of it as independent suspension for your goggles.  Finally, the triple-density foam provides comfort, shock/sweat absorption, and reduced skin chafing, all without creating tunnel vision.  Moisture is kept to a minimum by careful placement of vents, and we especially like how a small nose bridge is there to offer protection, but it can be removed.  Your helmet design will likely determine whether you keep it in place or remove it.    


We don’t often spend a lot of time comparing goggles.  About the most comparing we do is picking the set the foam has fallen off of the least since we last stuffed them in our gear bag.  The FlowVision Rythem goggles provide excellent protection with well designed, premium features at an excellent price.  They’re exactly what you need for off-road, whether you’re chasing trophies or just your buddies on the trail.  Go with the Flow!

FlowVision Rythem™ Goggles.  Available in multiple colors in both adult and youth sizes.   

Msrp:  $ 56


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July 14, 2021

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