Riding year round is great, but when the weather is cold you have to be prepared.  Your hands are typically one of the first places to feel the cold, and this is especially true for off-road riders since they are either on the end of a set of handlebars, or wrapped around a cold steering wheel.  Ordinary motocross gloves won’t cut it, and snowmobile or ski gloves are usually too bulky.  Recently we tried two pairs of gloves from FLY racing that made the ride a whole lot more comfortable. 

FLY RACING COMFORT  –  The company is called FLY RACING, but they’re really about all types of off-road riding.  They’ve got the gear for all-terrain, all-weather adventure, and their first line of defense for your hands in cold weather is their LITE WINDPROOF glove.

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If you can block the wind you’ve gone a long way toward keeping your hands warm.  The Lite Windproof gloves do exactly that without feeling bulky.  It’s a little like your normal motocross glove with extra protection built in.  Key points are:

  • Lightweight, windproof fabric on the back of hands and fingers
  • Silicon on fingers and palm for increased grip.  Seems to even work with a phone screen!
  • Single layer perforated synthetic leather palms for heat exhaust and lightweight feel
  • Reinforced double layer thumb
  • Soft-flex silicone logos

The LITE WINDPROOF gloves are designed to enhance the riding adventure, not limit it.  In the field the glove material feels slightly different than your typical motocross glove due to the windproof material, but they still stretch over ones hand and fit snuggly on the wrist.  They work exactly as advertised and they will block the wind without feeling bulky.  The grip on cold handlebars or steering wheel is very good as well with the LITE WINDPROOF gloves, and we expect they will clean up very well in our washing machine.  We would caution against using the dryer on them which may shrink the rubber logos. 

LITE WINDPROOF GLOVE         msrp:  $29.95   –   colors:  Black/Grey Black/Hi-Vis Yellow  Orange / Black       

FLYS 907 COLD WEATHER GLOVE is ideal for those early season hare scrambles or trail rides, when you can never count on what Mother Nature maybe brewing up throughout the day.   Fly calls the 907 “The Ultra Cold Weather Glove” and it is definitely a step up in hand protection.  Made from a single layer of Neoprene (like most scuba wet suits) the 907 gloves offer instant water and wind protection.  A Velcro wrist strap allows for a little extra room to slip them on, but they are less stretchy than most riding gloves, so plan accordingly when picking a size.  Key features of the 907 are: 

  • Embossed Neoprene construction for protection and warmth
  • Single layer palm provides optimal control and functionality
  • Adjustable synthetic leather wrist closure
  • Excellent rubberized grip areas on palm and fingers


If you’ve ever tried putting on a wet suit you already know getting one on is a bit like wiggling into a second skin.  The 907 gloves are much the same, but the protection they provide during cold, wet rides is vastly better than any other riding glove.  The neoprene does give a thicker feel, but because of the heavily textured palm and finger area you still have a great grip on the handlebars.  Just for curiosity sake, we could only make our phone work with them less than half the time, but that was never a feature Fly promoted.  Still, riders will attempt it at some point, so we tried it for you.   The 907’s have a far better feel than snowmobile, ski, or hunting gloves for off-road riding, and they wash up easily with water..    

907 COLD WEATHER GLOVE              msrp: $29.95      Colors:          Black

NOTE:  We recommend ordering all cold weather gloves a size larger than you might normally wear due to the extra thick construction. 

A COLD and WET WEATHER TRICK    Now you’ve done it…  The first ride of spring is here, and you’ll quickly be splashing through water and mud along the trail.  Except you forgot your cold weather gloves.  Our friends at Kawasaki gave us a tip they use with some of their off-road race teams for wet or cold weather.  Wear rubber surgical gloves inside your normal riding gloves.  They block the wind and water and will help keep your hands comfortable.   We sincerely thank Kawasaki’s man of wonder, Jon Rall for this great tip! 


A great day of riding can quickly turn into a long trek back to camp if you’re not wearing the right gear.  In the summer that’s usually just a jersey and riding pants, but anytime there is a chance of cold weather or rain you want something with a little better protection.  FLY RACING has introduced two new jackets that are perfect for the unpredictable spring rides where it may be balmy in the morning, and somehow turn into a semi-blizzard after lunch.  Choose what works best for you! 

The PATROL JACKET  is FLY’s top-of-the-line jacket and it’s got every feature we look for in a riding jacket.  Key features are:

  • Tough, abrasion resistant hide
  • Large, heavy duty zippers covered by protective flaps
  • Room to move arms and shift your body as needed without binding
  • Plenty of large pockets
  • Multiple vents that can be opened as needed
  • VERY comfortable around your neck without chafing
  • Sleeves can be zipped off

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There is a lot to love about the Patrol jacket.  The overall size runs true, but we always order a larger size since we like extra room in a riding jacket and we’ll often have a couple layers on underneath for warmth.  The first thing we check for with any new jacket is arm bind, and the Patrol jacket easily allowed us to get into a riding position on our ATVs, and behind the wheel of a Side x Side with no cramped feeling.  The next thing we look for is storage space.  The Patrol jacket comes with 7 different pockets, some inside and some out, and nearly every one are secured with Velcro flaps which are much easier to open than zippers when wearing riding gloves.  A nice vented inside liner keeps any abrasive seams away from your skin, but the best part is the supremely comfortable, stretchy collar.  The fleece lined, neoprene collar is a GREAT idea!  It’s a huge improvement over jackets where the collar seems to be intent on wearing a hole in your neck.  Both the waist and the cuffs can be tightened as well with a handy draw string, and as a nice touch the orange accents are there for more than style.  They also add a level of safety visibility.  

On the trail the Patrol jacket works excellent.  It provides great protection and usability without feeling heavy.  It’s also extremely tough, and FLY beefed up the elbow areas just for added protection.  The waist cuts leave you extra room to prevent the jacket from binding around your mid-section, and dirt brushes off easily.  You can even power wash the outside, although your washing machine and air drying is probably a better choice. Overall though, this jacket easily is our first and favorite line of defense for upcoming adventure rides.

PATROL RIDING JACKET          color:   Black           msrp:          $149.95   part no. #371-680

The BLACK OPS CONVERTIBLE JACKET could be called the stealth riding jacket.  It’s a bit deceiving because it’s got the features of a great riding jacket, but you can also wear it to dinner.  Because of the outer fabric which is both windproof and highly water resistant it feels a bit like a neoprene wet suit, but it is also very comfortable.  Some of its great features are:

  • Outer membrane is tough, lightweight, and breathable
  • Zip-off sleeves
  • Drawstring on waist with waist cuts for extra mobility
  • Velcro cuffs
  • Reflective logos for safety
  • Comfy fleece liner
  • Good amount of safe storage
  • Unique rear neck zipper allows it to be worn with a neck protection system

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On the trail the Black Ops Convertible jacket performs very well.  We appreciate the super comfy, fleece lined neck, and there are plenty of storage pockets both inside and outside.   The main zipper is also well protected by a cover flap which stays in place thanks to Velcro patches, and it feels light and comfortable.  We also believe this will wash up very well.  It’s almost like an ordinary jacket you might wear for a casual night out, but with the added features and protection of high quality riding jacket.  We like it!

BLACK OPS CONVERTIBLE RIDING JACKET     color:Black           msrp:  $99.95                   part no. #354-6060

FLY RACING          

February 18, 2019

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