FREE Mac’s Gloves – Limited Offer

FREE Mac’s Gloves – Limited Offer

Sometimes it’s hard to get a grip on things around the shop; that’s when we go to Mac’s Quality Gloves!  These gloves are made to the same high quality standards as all of Mac’s products; great fit and finish and ultimately usable.
As an introductory special, We’ll give you a pair when you make a purchase between now and 9/4 of $200 or more.  That means this weekend is a great time to grab some Mac’s product!

Mac’s Crap Strap Trade-In Offer Comes to Sand Sports!
Make sure to bring your old straps to the show!
Crapstrap Sam

Mac’s is Headed to the Sand Sports Super Show!

Customer Kudos!
There are so many possible applications for Mac’s Tie Downs that we can’t list even a fraction of them.  Here are a couple of shots from Grant Rich of his sandrail, tied down with Mac’s products on two different trailers.  Thanks for the pictures, Grant!

“Thanks for a great product ! Works on my flatbed & my toy hauler !” – Grant

Oops File – One Strap per Jeep, right?  Wrong!
Here is another one that our guys caught a few months ago on the way back from a big Jeep gathering.  The names have been scrubbed to protect the hurried from becoming harried.

One strap is not enough for a full-sized truck.  It’s not enough for a car, a motorcycle or even a go-kart.  Four separate tie-downs are needed for a secure transport – end of story.  How many straps do you count on this rig?

Yes, these were the ONLY tie-downs visible on these rigs.  The front truck was pulled up against the forward bulkhead of the trailer, then one strap routed over both of the rear wheels.  The rear  Jeep was then ‘secured’ by pulling it up against the forward Jeep, and again one strap was pulled over the front tires.  

Here’s a better look:

This is very close to pulling the vehicle up, setting the parking brake, and walking away.  Click here to see how we would have done it!

Video – Mac’s Direct Hooks released in the wild!
Here we find Colin in his natural environment; wrangling tie-down straps with a fierce tenacity.  See the Direct Hook behind Colin surrender without a fight by clicking the image above…

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating.  You people are awesome.  Mac’s works because of you.  

But that’s not all; the country works because of you.  Those small, daily decisions we make individually have a cumulative effect.  

Thank you, and keep up those everyday good decisions!