Fully Hydraulic Wicked Bilt Plows!

Fully Hydraulic Wicked Bilt Plows!

vendor.2013.wicked-build.utv-plows.JPGYour UTV should not just sit in the garage all winter, Put your UTV to work this winter plowing and give your Truck a break! 

Try Wicked Bilt’s fierce plow system.  Because of their small size and turning radius, UTVs are great for small or tight parking lots, sidewalks, residential driveways and other areas. The Wicked Bilt plow system is fully hydraulic so no getting out to man-handle an angle change or using your winch to raise the blade.  Control is at your fingertips using our joystick!  Hydraulic Plows give you a clean plow because you can plow with downward pressure, you do not rely on the weight of the plow.  Wicked Bilt Kits are complete including mounting receiver, plow blade and cradle, hydraulic pumps and cylinders, wiring harness, joystick, and mounting hardware. 


  • 72” Steel Blade with Fold-Over Springs and Lock out – for a professional plow job
  • In Cab Joystick for Complete Hydraulic Control for Raise/Lower/Angle Change
  • Compact hydraulic pump is incorporated on the Plow Cradle combined with easy to use 2” inch receiver system for easy quick release

  See their website for more info, complete installation instructions, fitment guide, and demonstration videos! www.wickedbilt.com