Golight Reveals New GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp with Dynamic Styling, Unique Air Induction Ports and Optimized Beam Pattern at 2015 SEMA

Golight Reveals New GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp with Dynamic Styling, Unique Air Induction Ports and Optimized Beam Pattern at 2015 SEMA

Golight Reveals New GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp with Dynamic Styling, Unique Air Induction Ports and

Optimized Beam Pattern at 2015 SEMA


Bold, in-your-face look, superior thermal management features and advanced photometric engineering make Golight’s GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp an exceptional, yet practical product.


CULBERTSON, Neb., USA — Golight, Inc., a world leader in pan & tilt remote-controlled lighting technology, announced that it will display its new GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp for the first time on November 3, at the 2015 SEMA Show, in booth 33103 in the upper south hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The lamp’s rugged form was inspired by and emulates the look of today’s off-road tires. The bezel of the GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp features six air induction ports that enhance its thermal management capabilities and promote product longevity.


The lamp’s optics have been specially engineered for the environment unique to off-road driving. The sophisticated plano-convex (P-Vex) lens optimally controls the substantial light generated by the lamp’s seven high-output LEDs, creating an intense 130,000-candela beam with a 12-degree angle that provides ample peripheral illumination, while preserving center beam intensity. The tough polycarbonate lens is protected by an integrated brush guard grill with four cross members.


“Our objective was to design a lamp that was both visually appealing and functionally outstanding,” Colt Hosick, director of product development for Golight, said. “The signature visual look of our new GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp is rivaled only by its advanced heat dissipation technology and elegant photometric characteristics that maximize the lamp’s downfield illumination capacity.”


The lamp’s unique air induction ports surround the periphery of its 3.5-inch diameter lens, and are part of an ingenious active thermal management system that employs both aerodynamics and solid-state electronics to protect and maximize the lifespan of its LEDs. When moving, the lamp is designed to channel six separate air currents over the lamp’s internal heat sink array.


Designed with multi-volt flexibility and convenience in mind, the lamp accommodates virtually any vehicle electrical system operating between 9 and 36 volts. Installation is easy for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike, and as an added protection the lamp features over-voltage and reverse polarity protection as well.


“Golight’s new GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp is an exciting new product with a lot of potential,” Bruce Terwiske, director of purchasing for Meyer Distributing, said. “We’ve come to expect high-quality, innovative products from Golight and we feel confident that our channel partners will be as enthusiastic about the new lamp as we are.”


The bezel, grill, air intake ports and housing of the aggressive-looking lamp are all made of a highly durable, impact-resistant nylon material. The lamp is easy to install, and the GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp kit comes with a low-profile stainless steel mounting bracket and a 12-inch wire lead.


The light controlled by the lamp’s polycarbonate P-Vex lens has a color temperature of 6,350 and closely approximates the color temperature of natural sunlight. The lamp has a service rating in the range of 30,000 hours and comes with a five-year unlimited warranty. Like all its products, the GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp is supported by Golight’s unparalleled customer service department, which prides itself on accessibility and effectiveness.


In developing its new GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp, Golight has drawn on more than 20 years of experience in the auxiliary vehicle lighting arena and its significant background serving automotive, first responder, work truck, marine, military and off-road markets. Over the decades, the company has also developed advanced LED thermal management and optical engineering capabilities. Innovative products like the GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp are a byproduct of Golight’s history, technical skill and commitment to push existing boundaries while moving lighting technology forward.


“Our new GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp embodies both style and performance and will be competitively priced,” Hosick said. “Those operating SUVs, UTVs and ATVs as well as power sports enthusiasts in general are going to love the way this lamp looks on their vehicle as much as they like the way it performs.”


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