GoPro, Vesrah, PowerMadd Products from PowerSports Place

GoPro, Vesrah, PowerMadd Products from PowerSports Place


Want to record your next motocross race or off-road escapade? Need to repair or upgrade a Japanese bike or ATV? Or maybe you just need a good pair of handguards. PowerSports Place has all that–and more–from GoPro, Vesrah, and PowerMadd Products.

GoPro HERO3 Cameras

Capture the thrills (and spills) of your next adventure! As the flagships of GoPro’s camera line, the HERO3 Black Adventure and Surf Edition Cameras are smaller, lighter, and more powerful than previous HERO models. They’re fully Wi-Fi enabled, which means you can control them with the included remote, or via your smartphone.
The cameras feature 12-megapixel resolution and are capable of capturing an incredible 30 images per second. The HERO3 Silver and White Edition Cameras share many of the same features of the Black Edition Cameras. The Silver Edition Camera has 11-megapixel resolution and is capable of taking pictures at a rate of 10 frames per second. The White Edition features an excellent 5-megapixel resolution, while capturing images at 5 frames per second. PowerSports Place has plenty of accessories, mounts, and replacement parts for the HERO3s as well.


Vesrah Powersports Parts

Vesrah has been the go-to source for difficult-to-find parts for anyone who owns a Japanese motorcycle or ATV. PowerSports Place’s selecton of Vesrah parts includes:

  • Premium replacement brake pads, shoes, and rotors are premium replacement components for both race and street applications
  • Gasket kits for complete engine rebuilds, top-ends, valve covers, heads, manifolds, clutch covers, and exhausts. Each gasket meets or exceeds OEM specs and assures a leak-free installation
  • Replacement connecting rods made from uniquely formulated steel to provide excellent strength even in extreme temperatures. A special carbonization process assures extra durability at critical stress points
  • Complete clutch service kits that include clutch discs, clutch springs, and gaskets. These convenient kits eliminate the need to source out all the individual parts required for a complete clutch overhaul


PowerMadd Products

PowerMadd parts will keep you more comfortable, help keep you safe, and make your ride more versatile.PowerSports Place’s selection includes:

  • Hand Guards that add functional style to ATVs, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles. In addition to protecting your hands from impacts, they also block the wind to keep your hands noticeably warmer. An assortment of mounting options, styles, colors, and sizes are available
  • With sleek designs plus quick-and-easy mounting systems, PowerMadd’s Cobra Snow Mobile and Cobra II ATV Windshields keep you comfortable on wet or cold rides. They’re made from super-durable polycarbonate to withstand the stresses of trail riding
  • Handlebar Riser Blocks help orient your handlebars to a more comfortable position, relieving arm and back strain. PowerMadd also makes Extended Brake Lines to compensate for the extra handlebar height added by its risers
  • PowerMadd Spare Oil Storage Brackets can secure extra oil bottles, ensuring that you don’t get stranded with an empty reservoir. PowerMadd’s Tool Pouches and Deluxe Bar Bags increase your carrying ability and are ideal for keeping important gear (like tools, a phone, keys, GPS, etc.) close at hand


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