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Greenball Corporation Introduces All Steel Construction Trailer Tire


Greenball Corporation Introduces All Steel Construction  Trailer Tire

Anaheim, Calif. - June 8, 2016 - Greenball Corporation introduces the Tow-Master ASC (All Steel Construction), an ultra-premium specialty trailer tire designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of commercial and recreational towing.


As tow vehicle capabilities continually increase, Greenball has identified the need to develop a specialty trailer tire to hold up to heavier loads and faster highway speeds. The Tow-Master ASC was designed specifically for this purpose, and its heavy duty construction promises to provide a stable and reliable ride for trailer owners.

“Most traditional trailer tires were not built for modern highway speeds,” said Greenball Senior Vice President, Randy Tsai. “On top of that, many of today’s trailers are bigger and heavier than before. The new Tow-Master ASC was built specifically to address both of those factors.”

The 14-ply rated Tow-Master ASC is constructed with a 2-ply steel belt carcass and 3-ply steel belt overlay. The improved durability makes it suitable for a wide range of trailers. Additionally, the advanced tread compound and highway tread design offer stability and longevity at highway speeds.


The first size, ST235/85R16 is currently in stock and available through authorized Greenball tire dealers. Additional sizes are in production and will be available later in 2016. Visit for more information.


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