Honda Announces First New-Model Releases For 2013

Honda Announces First New-Model Releases For 2013, CA: Honda enters the 2013 model-year season with a host of options for off-road and street-riding fun. First, consider two fun scooters that contain significant upgrades: the thoroughly revised Metropolitan and a new PCX scooter with a larger-displacement engine that now makes it capable for freeway use. Both models feature an easy-to-operate automatic transmission along with extremely fuel-efficient engines—just the thing for countering rising fuel prices. And then peruse Honda’s strong lineup of utility ATVs that simply get it done—whether “it” is a day filled with tough tasks or a weekend escape to your favorite backwoods getaway.

“This first release for 2013 models includes two scooters that are just right for the times—easy, convenient and fun transportation options that return truly amazing fuel efficiency,” said Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino. “Then there’s the extensive lineup of Honda utility ATVs that offers plenty of options for just about every job you can dream up. Over the years our whole line of ATVs has established a well-deserved reputation for being ‘built to work’ and that notion applies whether you’re spending the day working hard or playing hard. All in all, this is a great way for Honda to lead off the year, which will feature lots of exciting new options and a great selection of motorcycles and ATVs to suit just about every segment of the riding population.”

“Honda’s new Metropolitan and PCX150 scooters offer dependability, style, value and function in the best of Honda traditions, while also providing fun transportation.”
Jon Seidel, Assistant Manager, Honda Powersports Press

PCX150—Larger Engine, More Capabilities and Outstanding Fuel Economy

The new PCX®150 features a 150cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine that makes it freeway capable. This stylish and sporty scooter also serves as an enjoyable ride for errands, commuting or weekend fun, thanks to its nimble and friendly handling characteristics. With comfortable seating to accommodate the rider plus a passenger, and a large, handy under-seat storage compartment that can fit a full-face helmet and more, the new 2013 PCX150 offers expanded capabilities while remaining remarkably economical. Availability: Summer

A Classic Reborn: Honda Metropolitan

Over the years, the Honda Metropolitan® has achieved the status of classic scooter—and rightfully so. But for 2013, all-new styling along with a new 50cc fuel-injected four-stroke engine advance the standing of this little icon to keep it on the favorites list for years to come. Styling highlights include a new headlight and meter setup, different handlebar and a stylish new taillight assembly. There’s a locking, 22-liter under-seat storage area large enough to stow a helmet and also a new inner storage bin that can hold a 1-liter bottle, plus a larger convenience hook to secure a bag. With easy-to-operate features, plus loads of Honda quality and reliability, the new Metropolitan turns short hops into big fun. Best of all, with a price of only $1999, the Metropolitan is within easy reach for just about anyone in search of affordable, cost-conscious transportation. Availability: June

“With our wide-ranging lineup of utility ATVs, Honda offers something for just about everybody who spends time outdoors for work or recreation. Whether you’re out checking fences or just enjoying a casual trail ride with friends, Honda has your ATV needs covered.”
Kevin Aschenbach, Off-Road Media Coordinator, Honda Powersports Press

FourTrax Rincon: Sophistication, Power and More

Boasting stellar features including a powerful 675cc engine, independent rear suspension, electronic fuel injection, Hondamatic automatic transmission, front and rear disc brakes and more, the legendary FourTrax® Rincon® tops Honda’s line of ATVs. This popular choice comes with a host of features that all come together to place the Rincon in a class of one. Availability: June

FourTrax Foreman Rubicon: Off-Road Icon

There’s a very good reason the FourTrax® Foreman® Rubicon™ has gained an iconic reputation for its off-road prowess: It has earned its cred the hard way, proven through years of real-world use. Its unique continuously variable Hondamatic automatic transmission with true engine braking has proven to be efficient, maintenance-free and extremely rugged. This automatic transmission can be set in different modes for maximum performance or maximum torque, as well as in Electric Shift Program (ESP®) mode that gives the rider push-button control. Add in a torque-sensitive front differential along with Honda’s TraxLok® selectable 2WD/4WD system plus the option of Electric Power Steering (EPS), and it’s easy to see why the Rubicon remains a favorite among riders who demand an especially capable ATV. Availability: June

Work Hard, Play Hard: FourTrax Foreman 4×4 Family

Riders in the know understand that Honda’s FourTrax® Foreman® series of 4×4 ATVs serves as the perfect way to lighten the day’s work or take off on a fun-filled day ride to adventure. Whether you choose a Foreman with manual transmission or Honda’s renowned Electric Shift Program (ESP®) that delivers push-button convenience for shifting, this highly regarded line of ATVs boasts a strong-running liquid-cooled 475cc single-cylinder OHV four-stroke engine that’s powerful enough for taking on a wide range of extra-tough jobs. Credit the fuel injection system with a 36mm throttle body for near-instant throttle response, consistent performance at high altitude, and hassle-free cold-weather starting that all adds to the Foreman’s performance package. The rolling chassis features a rear suspension system incorporating a high-quality shock for remarkable comfort, precision and work capabilities, plus the Foreman delivers agile handling and a tight turning radius. Factor in the option of Electric Power Steering (EPS), and no matter which model you select, you’ve got one of the strongest, hardest-working rides available today. Availability: June

Near-Endless Variations: Honda FourTrax Rancher Family

Thousands upon thousands of satisfied riders swear that Honda’s FourTrax® Rancher® series stands out as the ultimate in ATV shopping selections, thanks to the huge variety of driveline variations: 2WD or 4WD, manual transmission, Honda’s Electric Shift Program (ESP®) that makes gear shifts as easy as punching a button, or a fully automatic transmission. To power all of these models, the Rancher series utilizes a brawny liquid-cooled 420cc powerplant with sophisticated electronic fuel injection that’s become legendary for its reliability and hard-working attitude. There’s also the independent rear suspension plus the option of Electric Power Steering (EPS) in all these variations and much more—all of which make the FourTrax Rancher series a mighty attractive selection in the world of off-road riding, whether the day calls for loads of hard work or a fun day on the trails. Availability: May

FourTrax Recon: Honda’s Longtime Best Seller

Since the inception of this classy mid-sized ATV, thousands upon thousands of riders have made the Honda FourTrax® Recon® a best seller, and that’s just the way it should be. A remarkably torquey 229cc OHV engine pumps out delightful levels of performance, while its middleweight size enhances its agile handling traits. With the option of a manual gearbox or Honda’s push-button Electric Shift Program (ESP®) the FourTrax Recon continues to deliver just-right performance that gets the job done seven days a week. Availability: July

The Right Start: Honda TRX90X

When it’s time to introduce riders to the world of ATVs, the TRX90X serves as the ideal starting point. While the TRX90X carries the same styling cues that place it right alongside its big brother sport ATVs, it also offers smooth power delivery and Honda’s renowned reliability. Factor in the ease of electric starting, Honda’s durable automatic clutch and a refined suspension system, and you have the perfect combination for launching a beginner off to a great start on a lifelong riding career. Availability: May

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