How A Canadian Company is Doing its Part to Help Revive the Powersports Industry

How A Canadian Company is Doing its Part to Help Revive the Powersports Industry

logo.2013.outside-distributing.jpgThe North American Powersports industry has seen almost 50% of their dealerships & shops go out of business. Many of these dealers were dependant on the constant sales of their Brand Name units (Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Polaris, Artic Cat and many others) to keep the doors open.

“The North American market has gone through a devastating downturn and it will take years for many industries to completely recover. The hard facts are showing us that many companies will never have the opportunity to stay in business. The ability to adapt to this new economic reality has caused many businesses to close their doors for ever.”

-Keith Morrison, Media Relations OSD

An Ontario based Powersports company has found a unique solution to help revive this fragile market. They took note of a quiet but definite paradigm shift in the industry. Millions of inexpensive Offshore Chinese ATV’s, Pit Bikes, Pocket Bikes and Scooters have been and are still being sold in the North American market. 

All of these units were being sold with little or no regard for parts to repair them. Because of this huge untapped market Outside Distributing was born.

Outside Distributing has sourced High Quality, Fully Insured parts to fit most of the common units that are being imported and has since created a North America wide dealer network that makes these Quality parts available in most Powersport dealers & shops coast to coast.

The Battle to Convert

In the beginning it was hard to convince the BIG BRAND OE dealers to work on these import units or even supply parts. Empty service bays and the realization that if they serviced and helped the owners of Chinese units they would also sell them a lot of products related to the sport. It also gave these BIG BRAND dealers a great opportunity to expose these import owners to their OEM brand. 

The dealers have slowly realized that the next generation of riders were starting on Chinese units because they were much more affordable. They have also realised that if they don’t help this new generation of rider, they will find a dealer who will help them or leave the sport for good. 

With the aging, no longer able to ride, Baby Boomer generation that has fueled the high end sales for years, the loss of the new riders in the sport becomes a critical tipping point. 

Outside Distributing has taken this down economy and found a way to help dealers weather the storm. Outside distributing gives a very simple 1,2,3 step system on their website to source the parts needed to keep this new generation of rider on the trails. They have been very instrumental in helping keep the hard hit Powersport industry vital.