3M High Powered Brake Cleaners – Save Time and Money While Working Like a Pro!


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3M proudly introduces two all new high powered brake cleaners for low and high VOC applications. This will allow you to work like a pro while saving both time and money. Oil, brake dust, and grime accumulates and builds up on brake components over time making it difficult to remove. For states that use low VOC brake cleaner, 3M has a new high powered, low VOC brake cleaner that cleans brake parts better and quicker, ultimately outperforming the competition. This new formula will end up saving you both time and product while giving off less odor from the solvents. For states that use high VOC brake cleaner, 3M has developed a new high powered, high VOC brake cleaner. Compared to the previous 3M formula, it removes oil and grime up to two times faster while using 50% less product. 3M high powered brake cleaners will allow you to work like a pro and save on time and money. ► Facebook: http://3mauto.us/KraCaU(link is external) ► Twitter: http://3mauto.us/j2Odij(link is external) ► Instagram: http://3mauto.us/5cWBMp(link is external) Learn more about 3MAuto @ http://3mauto.us/Vy5xP4(link is external) More on Bondo @ http://bondo.us/rFSuzX(link is external) For more information, questions, comments, concerns or praises… please call our support line at 1.877.MMM-CARS

3M Auto will be unveiling their latest products at SEMA, Las Vegas Nevada