IMS Products – RZR900 Auxiliary Fuel Tank

IMS Products – RZR900 Auxiliary Fuel Tank, CA (August 1, 2014) – IMS Products,the leader in aftermarket fueling systems, is proud to announce the availability of the IMS RZR900 Auxiliary fuel tank.  The IMS RZR900 Fuel Tank system provides a generous five (5) additional gallons to the stock fuel capacity bringing the total to over 12 total gallons for the 900 (2011-Current) series.

The Polaris RZR sets the performance standard for SxS vehicles but its one setback is the fairly low MPG.  While in stock trim the MPG may not be terrible, we imagine most owners are like the staff at IMS, and no vehicle is ever left stock.  Engine mods make more speed, burn more gas, and hardcore Polaris owners exploring boundaries are limited by fuel consumption. 

The IMS RZR Auxiliary tank plumbs five additional gallons into the OEM fuel system and tanks may both be filled using OEM Filler or can be filled individually. The fuel automatically transfers back and forth between the tanks and the tank is completely hidden once installed. 

For 35 years, IMS has relied on its employee’s riding experience and Off-Road riders and teams for testing development. The IMS Products Polaris RZR Fuel Tank can be purchased at dealerships nationwide or online at for $399.95 with free shipping. vendor.2014.ims-products.polaris-rzr.auxiliary-fuel-tank.jpg

For more information about IMS Products call us at 800.237.9906 and follow us on Twitter (@IMSProducts), Facebook ( and Instagram (@IMSProducts).  “Life is an adventure, enjoy the ride.”

IMS Products

IMS was founded in 1976 and has been owned and operated by off-road racers and enthusiasts for over 35 years. IMS relies on its employee’s years of experience riding, racing and building dirt bikes, ATVs and other vehicles to develop innovative products such as extended-capacity fuel tanks, high-quality foot pegs, and more durable shift levers.

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