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InvisbileVin/Scorpion Mark

Parts Marking for Powersports/Motorcycles
logo.2014.scorpion-mark.jpgPress Release (Hartford, CT 8/2014) –PassKey Premium Products [P3] to unveil InvisibleVin and Scorpion Mark during the AIM Expo in Orlando, Florida this October 16th- the 19th.
Vehicle thefts take place every 34 seconds and costs consumers over 4.5 billion dollars annually.  A motorcycle, when stolen, is usually stripped to parts within 48 hours. These parts are then sold. To counteract this PassKey, of Hartford Ct., has developed a patented chemical branding process that will be marketed as InvisibleVin and Scorpion Mark.  InvisibleVin is a “covert” identification mark, either the actual V.I.N.. or an assigned alpha numeric code, that is chemically branded into these sought after parts… “Police can now find these covert marks and trace them back to the thief… these marks can lead to convictions”- John Krause InvisibleVin Global Sales Director.
The technology produces a chemical reaction allowing the marks to migrate through the clear coat, paint, and primer to permanently embed the information.   Invisible under normal light... the phosphorescent mark is clearly seen under a UV flashlight. A warning label is placed on every vehicle near the fuel cap indicating the bike is marked.  
“How do you deter a professional thief?  Make a system that’s difficult to circumvent. We hope they {thieves} will move on to another unmarked vehicle that won’t take hours of sanding down the marks…they can’t be painted over…”- says Brad Deveran- CEO
PassKey will notify the local police when an authorized installer signs up and will work with law enforcement to assist in investigations… InvisibleVin, when sold by a dealer, can have theft guarantee benefits, depending on the vehicle, up to $5,000. These benefits are backed by an “A” rated major insurer… InvisibleVin is available on cars, bikes, ATVs, UTVs, PWC, boats, alloy wheels, construction and agricultural equipment and also has military and other security applications. PassKey’s InvisibleVin product is patented in the U.S., Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, Brazil and is available worldwide.

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