Ion Air Pro: First Live-Action, Cloud-Based, Connected Video Camera

Ion Air Pro: First Live-Action, Cloud-Based, Connected Video Camera May 2012, ION Worldwide is launching the first cloud-based, connected sports-action cameras that allow users to shoot high-definition video or stills and share it instantly via Wi-Fi to an iPhone/iPad/iPod app. 

ION AIR PRO offers eight features that make it stand alone in the market:

1. Lightest and most ergonomic: Cool, sleek design and at just 4.5 oz., it is the lightest Wi-Fi-enabled action camera on the market among leading brands. 

2. HD video quality: HD wide-angle lens records in 1080p, 960p, and 720p resolutions as well as WVGA with a field of view up to 170 degrees. The AIR PRO also features Dual File recording, capturing both an HD and a lower-resolution WVGA file simultaneously to allow for easier sharing to social networking sites and faster upload times. 

3. Waterproof without need for additional housing: The ION AIR PRO is waterproof up to 30 feet (10 meters) with no need for an additional outer case and a waterproof microphone enables high-quality audio. 

4. Wireless “shoot & share” operation: With the ION Wi-Fi PODZ, wireless connectivity is a snap thanks to a free iPhone/iPad app. Users are able to preview what the camera sees, replay video footage and seamlessly transfer content to their YouTube or Facebook accounts or onto the Internet without the need for a computer or cables. 

5. One-click capture: With a single press of a button a vibration confirms that you’ve started recording (very handy when the camera is mounted on a helmet or otherwise out of eyesight). Stopping is just as easy. Still-image capture (single shot, time lapse and 10-photo burst modes) is also possible with a single click. 

6. Free cloud storage: The ION CLOUD, powered by MiMedia, provides 8GB of free storage plus the ability to view content on smart phones and tablets anywhere.

7. Ultra long-life battery:  Coming soon is a second PODZ, the ION Battery PODZ™ that will enable an incredible, four hours of recording time without adding size or weight to the camera.

8. More PODZ to come: A wide range of PODZ will give the ION AIR PRO unprecedented capability and flexibility. Other PODZ on the horizon include a waterproof remotecontrolled “Remote PODZ™” for use in water and extreme conditions where using a mobile device is not practical, “Car PODZ™” for charging on the go in the car or boat, and a high performance “Microphone PODZ™” for professional quality audio.  

There are currently five different packages offered by ION, including three basic ION camera options:

ION AIR PRO Wi-Fi (MSRP: $349.99) – an add-on package comprised of the ION AIR PRO PLUS package plus a Wi-Fi dongle (PODZ™) to allow for instant connectivity.

ION AIR PRO PLUS (MSRP: $289.99) – a HD Sports Video Camera with a mini tripod and USB power adaptor, USB & AV cables, CAM Locker and pouch plus the complete CamLOCK™ system, the company’s mounting product that secures the camera to bike handle bars and most summer and winter sports helmets. The mounting system is flexible enough to enable video recording from any angle without the need to re-mount the camera.